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Golden Fleece Ep - November 2012

Liquid Architecture LP - October 2012

AUX VOLUME TWO (compilation) - AUGUST 2012

AUX VOLUME ONE (compilation) - APRIL 2012

Lapse Ep - March 2012

App.Aratus Ep - January 2012

Leaving Ep - Nov 2011

HOMEWARDSOUND ep - June 2011

BELIEVER (compilation 2007-2010) January 2011

OMENS ep - self released 2008



starting out in punk and hardcore outfits in the central coast throughout 2006-08, alecks soon grow tired and bored of the recurring drama and soon dove headfirst into a obsession with electronic music and production. beginning as a hobby between practices, creating ambient pieces and hip hop beats soon grew into a full fledge passion. Releasing a few online releases via myspace, he ran into Eclectic (Producer Out of Connecticut) & Xen (a Fellow California native). What started was a community of beat makers and producers that would trade tracks and help promote one another through different sites. These releases though primarily digital, created a base fanbase for Alecks and the rest of his collective, which at the time was virtually unnamed.

after releasing Leaving in Fall of 2011, alecks moved back into Los angeles from his santa barbara temporary retreat, and began playing shows frequently throughout the summer & fall of 2012. Playing with artists on Alpha Pup, Stones THrow, Ph2, Friend Of Friends, Warp, Brainfeeder, And Many More. Soon After the release of Leaving and the following blog and online coverage, The then unnamed collective of artists was named 'Senzu", A taoist Word for immortal, energy, wizard, and Sen(money). What originally started as a simple forum for like minded musicians and producers, grew into its own entity with an entire crew of artists from all across the nation (and world).

In April of 2011 Alecks Released a compilation of tracks Called AUX VOLUME ONE, four months later, AUX VOLUME TWO was released for free. In August 2012 Alecks Released his long awaited LP 'Liquid Architecture' Taking its name from a wolfgang van goethe line 'architecture is solid music and music is liquid architecture'. The album showcased experimentation in both field recording, sound installations, ambient tonic chords & Noisy Textures, balancing out to create sonic enviroments for the listeners.