Clarity Records; Aleee is a awesomely brilliant. Liquid fire. His ministry proves his ability , skill in the wisdom of his music.His accuracy , realistic approach to his work re-creates his trade craft.He captures the circumstances of individuals ,


Born Arthur N. Lee, March.. Los Angles..Ca. Indian mother Cajun French father .Mother sang soprano opera, father played gutter blues from south.High school Ca. College as well .Military.. Pro ball short time .Schooling psych./law. Graduated ..Six children all grown. Two children with the Lord , due to gang violence. Several helps ministry's ,plus working with church on needs, desires my pastor. My pastor church are very special precious to me . I play guitar, bass..I write music, compose, publish, design. I am capable of story boards for video , I produce, and orchestrate most my graphic's music for my self those I produce. I have pastor , and traveled a great deal in the ministry .I recorded secular music , and couple popular bands during 70's 80's. My goal is to write, produce, build a radio, recording industry built on truth, help, love. Holding the line for Christ ,my church family.My Lord, My God those whom Love me.

May He Richly Bless You


First cd ; "I Remember"

Second cd;"Behind The Veil"

Third coming soon.." Praise Him"

Set List

Set's very with place venue