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"Local Hip hop artists Tackle Autism"

The crowd at North Beach in Downers Grove Sunday night was out of control when local Hip hop group F.B.M.C. performed tracks from their much anticipated album
"Wats Real?" for a Autism childrens charity event. After they put on an amazing performance I was able to catch up with the boys to discuss the matter at hand. "We think Hip hop is a great tool in helping the community by bringing people out to these events that benefit the lives of children with this disease." said Aleeus a Detroit native who makes the trips out here once a month for performances."It hurts me to know that this disease is so real but yet no one is really educated on how to deal with,or understand whats its like to be the parent of one of these children" "Thats why we do this" add's Dieverseit-t who is one of three who represent F.B.M.C.
" We hope that people will see how common this disease is, and hope to help those effected by this problem"
I would also like to say that even though these young men might not look to be the most approachable people,they all have their heads and hearts in the right spot. Thats why they donate 100% of profits made from these shows to the familys around the Chicagoland area for education and research of this disease that effects more and more people everyday. If you would like to check out F.B.M.C. live they are performing again on February 8th 2008 here at North Beach.Doors open @6pm and the cover is9$.
I know i will be there..
-Jane Crossley

- The Downers circle/re; Jane Crossley


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My influence to do this is people who appreciate the artform and understand that hip hop is not about carrying guns, slangn drugs, or pimpn females.Its about raising awareness of reallness.I think radio music is against everything i believe cause all of it is music with no substance.And as long as that is what keeps playing people will continue to make music that lacks matter and substance and will end up leading to the downfall of this culture.I am here to help the fight agaisnt stupidity by making music again that has a sense of reallness and all around positive vibe. Intelligence is the key not iggnorance...Thank you for listening to me babble..enjoy the music and GOD SAVE HIP HOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!