BandHip Hop

Real Hip Hop...Not the radio B.S..If you listen to 50 cent and stuff like that this music is not for you. Hip hop is my culture and I will fight to preserve it's Realness...Intelligence is the key not iggnorance


My influence to do this is people who appreciate the artform and understand that hip hop is not about carrying guns, slangn drugs, or pimpn females.Its about raising awareness of reallness.I think radio music is against everything i believe cause all of it is music with no substance.And as long as that is what keeps playing people will continue to make music that lacks matter and substance and will end up leading to the downfall of this culture.I am here to help the fight agaisnt stupidity by making music again that has a sense of reallness and all around positive vibe. Intelligence is the key not iggnorance...Thank you for listening to me babble..enjoy the music and GOD SAVE HIP HOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Davinci mixtape 05,
Revolutionary Arms mixtape 05
Back Home mixtape 06
What Happened to Real Hip hop mixtape 06
Death of Radio 07
In the mind of Mozart 08 unreleased lp

Set List

It ranges i do lil set lists from 20 mins to big ones like 60 -90 minutes ...all depends on what is asked of me