Alef Zero

Alef Zero

 Pardubice, Pardubick√Ĺ Kraj, CZE

A band built on live musicians with music of d'n'b, dance, punk, rock and jazz experience. In terms of style, the distinctive bands music may be included among broken beats such as drum'n'bass and breakbeat, but it is the only group of this genre in the Czech Republic to use a brass section.


ALEF ZERO a band based on real musicians experienced in dance, punk, rock and jazz music. Its music can be classified somewhere among broken beats such as drumnbass or breakbeat. Particular tracks are not based on mere dance music as ALEF ZERO puts emphasis on live instruments and musicians, therefore do not expect a DJ set... Creating dance music mixed with elements of other genres (jazz, punk, rock) has its roots in unwillingness of the members of the band to close themselves in a single, simply defined style, and their concerts are a promise of a real smash.

The beginnings of the band can be traced back to the spring of 2004 when the first four pieces were born. The complete concert line (see below) met in the autumn of 2004 in order to train an hour programme for their live performances. The first successful concerts were held on November 26, 2004 in Zlutz pes club in Pardubice and on February 21, 2005 in Roxy club in Prague. Members of the band are experienced live players, two of them have played in clubs and major czech festivals (Jeleni Prikop, Go Planet Roxy, Creamfields, Summer Of Love, Zamosti, Rock For People, atd.) throughout the republic with BLOW band, the experienced MC has performed hundreds of times with DJs, the woodwind musicians play in swing and jazz projects, and the bands guru Teochar Bakardziev has been in on everything connected with dance music...