A. Legend

A. Legend


My music is universial. It can attract crowds of all kinds of people. My lyrics and words are of my own personality and will catch the ears of any listener. Like my moto says "To be A. Legend, you gotta be a legend. IF you're not a legend, you can't be A. Legend"


I am a very eclectic singer/ songwriter/ rapper that would love the opportunity to shine like the true star I am. Music is my destiny. I know that because after completing college, I haven't found anything in the work field that is as important to me as making good music! Everyone wants to hear someone with swag. Well, I have intense swag! I am mostly influenced by R&B, but my writing ability touches on so much more than that. If there is one particular dream that I would want to come true, it would be to write and work with the entertainment's greatest artist!


Cocoa Butter

Written By: A. Legend

Cocoa Butter: Written by A.Legend

Now I ain’t never walked into a room
I smelled a scent and I can tell it’s you
DJ play me a song, cause I wanna dance with you
On a slow jam.
Take my hand, grab me round my waist
You blow me away, somewhere in outer space
I love how u smell, I wawnt you like some cake
I wanna eat it up, eat it up
Yep it’s my birthday yeah

U got a smell just like no other
And I love to smell yo co coa butter
I smell it on your neck, your back
And I swear I want it all over my body bae
Yo cocoa butter body

Babe I want you, like some soul food
Cornbread, candy yams, and some chicken too
It’s like chicken soup, mm mm good
Awesome, great, excellente, finger lickin ok
If you lay in my bed, I smell it all on my cover
Tag, you’re it, the right kinda lover
Cant you tell from me all in yo neck
I want you all over my body bae
Yo cocoa buttered body

Repeat Hook

You can lick me up and down til I say stop (don’t stop)
Or we can make love all night long or til the cops come knock
Somebody give me water cause he so hot
I guess that’s why I keep you voted in my number one spot (u rock)
This is the year of the L.O.V…ER makin babies, yes sir
And I be watchin u rubbin on yo cocoa butter
Give me the green light tellin me to cuddle up baby cuddle up baby
U the only one I wanna slow dance wit
I’ll put u on the market as a new car scent

Repeat hook

I Already Know

Written By: A. Legend

I Already Know: Written by A.Legend

Intro Rap
So uh I shoulda said goodbye to u first
Let u watch me move on so it can hurt u
Cause I know all the things u do
And because it aint wit me man I hate that boo
I aint gotta be around ya’ll to see the touchy feeling
I know whats goin on cause we was touchy feely
And we was bein silly
And u was there to hear me
And my mind be seein ya’ll and that’s what really get me
It kills me

I know how good u were wit me, so I know u gone be good with her
I know u cast yo spell on me, so I know she gone fall extra deep
All at once you’re killin my inner me
I need a lot of magic to erase my memory
So I won’t have to know, how everything goes
And how she’s walkin down that isle that I can’t walk no more

I already know what ya’ll two be doin
You gone treat her good
And she gone treat u better
Ya’ll gone cuddle up and ya’ll gone fall in love
U ain’t gotta tell me cause I been there before
So I already know

I already know that she’ll be happy, cause I was happy as can be
And I already know that she’ll be satisfied and she gone love your touch
Cause heaven made u up
Everyday you’ll text her good morning, the same way you did to me
And she gone be happy
And you’ll call her yo baby
And if she’s anything like me then she gone wanna be

Repeat Hook

Outro Hook:
So I already know how this story’s ending
Ya’ll gone be good and ya’ll gone have some kiddies
She gone love yo smile, damn I love yo smile too
I’m stuck in yo pass and she gone be yo last…I already know

I Wanna Holla

Written By: A. Legend

Pick me up, around, go anywhere you want downtown
You know wassup, right now
We about to make some sounds
I’ma crank it up, when you touch my body
Cause I wanna Holla 3x’s
Hey hey hey heyyy

First things first, let’s relax and take this slow
Don’t hold back, but do enough to make me want some more
4-sho, we gone have the time of a life time
I know we going past cloud 9, so high, so high
Let’s get lost all night, all night
Let’s wake up the streets, make love in the studio
And crank up the beats
Put a lil umph in it, mix a lil bump wit it
You can’t get it unless you put yo back in it

Pick me up (turn me), around (baby), go anywhere you want downtown
You know wassup (wassup), right now(right now)
We about to make some sounds
I’ma crank it up, when you touch my body
Cause I wanna Holla 3x’s
Hey hey hey heyyy

Hey now this ain’t no library, we might as well make noises even the ones that’s scary
It’s no silence of this lamb
We gone sound like some cowboys, boom bam bam
Do it nice, but get it in good
A combination between a good boy gone hood
And I’ma scream yes, cause I knew you could
And you gone get a snack, cause you did good
Baby push the gas and I’ma pull this gear
And turn the a.c. on, cause damn it’s hot in here
I said, damn it’s hot in here, in this southern hemisphere
Just do me til my breath is Weezy F. baby

Repeat Hook

Said it sounds like….ooooo
This is what it sounds like…o….ooooo
When you do it right o o o o o o
I got a feeling we gone cut tonight
I’ll crank it up if you wanna drive
I think I gotta let the freak outside
I come out every single day and night

Repeat Hook

Make My Feelings Smile

Written By: A. Legend

Make My Feelings Smile Lyrics Written and performed by Ashley “A. Legend” Jones
I don’t recall a touch like this its got me out my element
And it’s good to me cause honey you got me out my feelins
I can’t resist ya big bright smile you make this little girl go wild
And its good to me cause baby you make my
Make my feelings smile
Well where did you come from? And how did you get here?
To my life, oh it’s so mysterious
The moment we locked eyes it’s something inside me came alive
When you came over and told me hi, smile so bright
I was nearly hypnotized all under your spell
And you didn’t have to say another word
Im in slow motion and I hear love birds
Excuse me but this never happens
I usually leave the fellas breathless
Repeat Hook
Verse 2:
So, what is this new thing?
Cause something is happening to my heart
Oh feels so incredible
I love how u touch me, I love when u hold me
Oh so tight
You give me feelings of butterflies, twinkling eyes
Everything just feels so right, all over myself
And u don't ever have to do too much
Just blow me a kiss and I bet i'll blush
Excuse me but I rarely see this
Im usually never left this speechless
Repeat Hook:
I don’t think you know you gimmie happy feet
And I, I really wanna let go
Baby where did you come from? How did you get here?
You’re like an angel from above givin good love


My track "I Wanna Holla" is in the top 10 on wheretheydothatatradio.com (blogtalkradio). I haven't released any singles, but I have a lot of hits such as: "I Already Know," "Cocoa Butter," and "I Wanna Holla."