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"Ha Ha Heartbreak" (February 2010)



Alegria.Monique is the longest lasting member of her own league. With her deep interpretation of life in music her spunky melodies & upbeat personality is unmatched. Alegria.Monique can not be barred into one word nor confined within "the walls of genre". However, to give you a clear understanding of who Alegria.Monique is you must understand where she has been & who she has become. Alegria.Monique is, in her own words, "Babylon...Every art, every feeling, every emotion wrapped into one!"

As cliché as this may sound from the time of her birth Alegria.Monique has been a performer ;“dancing” in her mothers womb from time of conception it was believed that she was born to merely do. Alegria.Monique explains, “My mother had to get a C-Section with me because the [umbilical] cord was wrapped around my neck. She said I couldn’t stop moving in there.” Alegria.Monique danced before she can walk & have “babbled” years before she was able to formulate or grasp the use of proper language. At the age of 7, her mother noticed her daughter’s gift of imagination when witnessing her write her own songs to various popular melodies in the early 90s including “Just Dance”; a song written to Michael Jackson’s “PYT”.

By the age of 8, Alegria.Monique composed her first journal of 8 complete written songs entitled “Best Friends Forever”; a work of melodies relating to her interaction with various “imaginative friends”. At the age of 10 Alegria.Monique tried her luck with organizing her first girl group humorously entitled “Tom’s Boys” along with 2 elementary school friends. The venture immediately ended after the girls got into a quarrel over “grease”. After her failed attempt to start a girl group Alegria.Monique continued to write music of which continuously refers to as her “diary….not the creepy kiss face type stuff more like the eccentric creepy kiss face type stuff.”

At 11 years of age Alegria.Monique was to enter the local talent contest in West Palm Beach, Florida along with her older brother & cousins to do redemption of The Bee Gees “Emotions” but abruptly decided to not perform acquiring a case of stage fright. After the incident Alegria.Monique allowed her “fear of criticism” to convince her she should only write songs & compose choreography.

The following years, Alegria.Monique would go on to choreograph dances, write & compose songs, & ghost write raps for local artist.

After the death of her grandfather in January 2008 Alegria.Monique decided to take his advice & “bunt a cigar”. Alegria.Monique explains, “My grandfather told me once that I was ‘special enough to be greatest to ever do it’. He said that I was going to one day make not him not the world but I will make ‘myself’ proud! He said & when that day comes we will bunt a cigar in victory!”

Since his death Alegria.Monique started building up the courage & confidence to perform her own choreography & sing what she “damn well please”. By September 2009 Alegria.Monique began her quest to “elude the ART in artist” by writing songs of self-awareness while making the lyrics spunky, fun, & favorable.

Alegria.Monique/0= undefined. A few galaxies away from planet NORMIE... light speeds ahead of the same old BLAH...president of the united artist of BABYLON!

“If you reach for heaven you may just get to that moon those people on the clouds rave about!”- Alegria.Monique