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Written By: Aleksandr Saltovskiy, Cornelia Brown


Where is the love?
What is its meaning now when I am lonely?
I’ve had enough
Just go away, it’s late to say you’re sorry

What did I say?
What have I done, to suffer such a pain?
You were my life
But you are gone, I’m dead, love was in vain

Everything I had, I gave you
Everything you took away from me
Everything you have, I gave you
You took all, my life, my destiny

Everything I did for you wasn’t enough
You betrade me with a smile and with a laugh
Everything I asked from life, it was just you
I can’t do it anymore, I’m sorry too!

Words by Cornelia Brown

Love Is Not A Game

Written By: Cornelia Brown

Love Is Not A Game

Lyrics by Cornelia Brown

You’re the only one
You’re the best for me
You’re my only love
All that I can see
You’re my very breath
Filling all my dreams
Forever and ever

Please don’t go away
Try just one more day
Tell me that you care
Tell me that you’ll stay
Baby please don’t go
Don’t leave me alone
Forever and ever

I know that you love me, though
Love is not a game you know
Have a think again, and try to understand
Both of us we’ve made mistakes
I realize we need a change
Love is not a play, my baby

Sometimes love is tough
But we’ll make it through
You just have to learn
Honesty is truth
Baby don’t give up
“Wanna” be with you
Forever and ever

Sometimes you may feel
Love is just a deal
Sometimes can be hard
When our love is real
But we are as one
And we “wanna” be
Forever and ever