Aleksandra Kovac

Aleksandra Kovac


Aleksandra's music is an original combination of old school Aretha Franklin, Curtis Mayfield, George Clinton and excellent pop songwriting. Aleksandra's voice is strong, and full of passion and strengh. She is a true master of the stage and her concerts are a unique experience!


Alexandra Kovac – the true Balkan Soul Diva, 2006 MTV Award Winner

Aleksandra Kovac is a singer, songwriter, arranger and producer from Belgrade, Serbia.
She has been writing, playing keyboards and performing her music since she was 15 years old.
At that time, Aleksandra and her younger sister, Kristina, formed a duo named K2, signed a five year management deal with Dave Margereson and Kenny Thompson from Mismanagement, London, and came to do their first tour in England supporting Labi Sifre.
Another tour, but this time supporting Errol Brown, from Hot Chocolate, happened for K2 in 1993.After the tour, they continued working with Errol’s band, a Manchester based production team – New Underground – Robert Maddix (drummer for Stone Roses) & Jonathon Beckford (writer and producer for Jahmelia, Another Level,
East 17).
That project took a year to do and gave Alex and Tina a new soulful sound. Alex discovered soul and funk music and quickly absorbed the sounds of her Manchester friends’ record collection, which was ripe with old-school soul music – Aretha Franklin, Sly Stone, Parliament, and Curtis Mayfield. At the same time, Alex was studying classical music at The Belgrade University of Music.
In the next five years, K2 worked with such known names in the music business as Derek Bramble (writer for Whitney Houston, Nona Gaye), the writing duo Rod Argent – Peter Van Hook (produced albums for Tanita Tikaram) and many more.
After their contract with Mismanagement expired in 1995, they returned to Belgrade
filled with positive energy, creativity and new influences and wrote, arranged and produced their debut-album “K2” and hit number 1 on the charts.
They were an overnight success, and sold more than 70 000 copies of their album and toured all over the country.
Then, in December of 1996, they released their second album, and again hit the charts.
This was a breakthrough in the Yugoslav music market, where Alex was regarded as the “first funk and soul singer” and their music as something “new, refreshing and positive”.
A year later, they were heard by an A&R from EMI, Spain, and after showcasing for the company, they signed a one album deal for them.
They promoted the album in Spain and Portugal and came back to Yugoslavia in 1999 where the group split up.
Alexandra decided on pursuing her solo career, but this time not only as a singer and a writer, but also as an arranger and a producer. She joined forces with a talented producer and a bass player, Roman Gorsek, and they started their own production team –RAProduction. Alex became one of the top writers in Croatia, where she worked with all the biggest names in the business, as well as in her own country. Amongst them are: Nina Badric, Severina, Goran Karan, Vesna Pisarovic, Sandi Cenov, Boris Novkovic, Ivana Kindl , Deen, Aleksandra Radovic and others.
Alexandra started writing for theatre, TV, commercials and film, with great success.
She got the prestige “Joakim Vujic” award for The Best Music In Theatre for “The Tempest” by Sheakspeare.
In 2006 she released her long awaited solo album called “Honey And Milk”, and it hit the charts imidiately. It was the Best Selling Album Of The Year, Aleksandra got the MTV Award as the Best Adriatic Act on the 2006 EMA’s in Copenhagen, and toured all over Serbia, with great success. The stage is the place where she proved that she is the one and only Balkan Soul Diva.
She was the first Serbian to appear at the cover of Cosmopolitan, the first Serbian artist to get the MTV Award …She was voted one of the ten most popular women in Serbia 2007!
She is preparing for her concerts all over Europe in the spring of 2008!


K2 - K2 (Komuna, 1996)
K2 - Malo Soula (Komuna, 1998)
K2 - Vamos De Fiesta (EMI, 1999)
Aleksandra Kovac - Med I Mleko (Komuna, 2005)
Maxi Single:
A.K. - You And Me (self released, 2001)

Set List

Aleksandra's concerts are really something special!
She takes her audience on an emotional rollercoaster:
from funk and soul grooves like A.K's Black Balls, C'Mon Boy and You And Me, pure passion and energy, over middle tempo tracks which put a smile on our face like For Better Or Worse, to emotionally challenging ballads where she takes us up, to the angels in heaven, all the way down, to the bottom of our heart. She's a master on stage, and her audience breathes, laughes, cries and loves with her. A true performer. After and hour and a half of her music, you'll be going home feeling happy and strong. Ready for a new day.