Aleksandra Sever

Aleksandra Sever


"Aleksandra Sever combines a unique voice, soul searching poetic lyrics and an incredibly fresh approach to contemporary songwriting."


“ Imagine an artist with timeless songwriting skills, unique and authentic vocals, elegant Piano style and funky guitar arrangements. “

Aleksandra Sever is a singer/songwriter, an oil painter and a poet. Her music and Paintings are both inspired by her poetry.

Croatian by descent, Aleksandra lived in Germany before relocating to the US in 2000. Shortly after moving to Los Angeles, Aleksandra began collaborating with some very respected musicians, including Buzz Feiten (Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder), John J.T. Thomas (Tracy Chapman, Bruce Hornsby), Dave Weckl (Madonna, Chick Corea) and others.

A prolific writer, she started recording her songs at Glenwood Place Studios in Burbank and other top studios in Los Angeles. Among those recordings are standout tracks like Dark Side Pioneers (a soulful story of despair and redemption) and Beyond this Island (an upbeat song of hope) .

Touring and showcasing extensively in Europe and the US, her intimate, universally appealing performances have captured the heart of her growing audience.

Aleksandra’s passionate and dramatic music spans a wide range of styles from acoustic, contemporary pop, jazz to funk.
Her warm and seductive approach has drawn comparisons to Kate Bush, Rickie Lee Jones and Cindy Lauper, but Aleksandra delivers her own fresh blend of sounds, combined with her distinctive voice and lyrical depth which set her apart from others … A major new talent with pure determination.

Set List

Beyond this Island (A.Sever)
Dark Side Pioneers (A.Sever)
Dungeon's and Dragon's (A.Sever
Sailor Boy (A.Sever)
Endless Road (A.Sever)
Rainbow (A.Sever)
Rise (A.Sever)
The River (A.Sever)
Blue is my Color (A.Sever)
Night Birds (A.Sever)
Pirate World (A.Sever)
Start Over (A.Sever)
What you don't know (A.Sever)
Mr. Driver (A.Sever)
Life is Strage (A.Sever)
Always Someone (A.Sever)
White Horses (A.Sever)
Fair Poets (A.Sever)
Lucky Man (A.Sever)
Dirty Phantasy (A.Sever)