aleks & the ramps

aleks & the ramps


aleks and the ramps play music. quotes!

"It goes all over the place, it's playful, it get's in your head and it rules" Zan, Triple J

"It will have you jumping around the room and pondering love and life all in the one song" Yen

"Strange indie pop-rock doesn't get much better than this" The Brag


In 2005 in a year off from Film School, Alex recorded a solo EP and changed the X in his name to KS for no real reason. The EP proved to be rough but impressive debut. A band was formed solely for the purpose of having a launch for the EP and thus the ramps were formed.

From these unintentional beginnings, Aleks and the Ramps slowly morphed into a 'real' band that played regular shows and composed music in a collaborative process. Performances began to feature choreographed dance moves, ill-fitting basketball uniforms, injuries and equipment breakages due to wild stage behaviour accompanying their schizophrenic pop tunes.

The band has put out two albums since then, toured overseas a wee bit and are currently working on a film project tentatively called "aleks and the ramps: the musical"



'Aleks' EP self-released


'Pisces Vs. Aquarius'
Album, Cavalier Music


'Midnight Believer'
Album, Stomp Entertainment

'Antique Limb'
7" Single, Self-Release

Set List

A typical 45-minute ramps set list comprises of around 8 or 9 songs.

Their current repertoire is:
Circa 1992 Ideas
Destroy the Universe with Jazz Hands
Walking in the Garden
Antique Limb
Graveyard Etiquette