Aleon Craft
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Aleon Craft

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Band Hip Hop Funk


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"808 Experiment: Vol. 2 release party puts the A on blast"

The best performance of the night came from ALeon Craft, who gave the crowd a snippet of “Botanicals,” his song on Vol. 2, while firing up a skinny blunt onstage. Before the song was halfway through, he had DJ Sol Messiah cut the track and asked the crowd if they wanted to hear some new shit. The track Messiah proceeded to play was such a dookie funked-out groove that it felt like we were entering an alternate dimension with ALeon as some extraterrestrial Clintonian (George, not Bill) tour guide. - Creative Loafing

"Aleon Craft - The Prolouge Pt. 1"

The Prologue is a two-part introduction into Aleon Craft (the artist) and The Solar-Hop Chronicles (a collection of his music to be released in the future). The Prologue Pt. 1 (Released Monday, March 15th) is the first installment of the 2 part project (Part 2 out Monday, April 19th). Independently, The Prologue Pt. 1, and Pt. 2, is an incomplete representation of Craft. Part 1 & 2 are two sides of the same coin. Each project depicts a different side of Craft, and together they represent the range of music that he creates. The project is split into 2 parts so that the listener can properly digest the music, and ideally have a better understanding of Aleon Craft, the artist. Aleon Craft’s The Prologue will be release, in full, on April 26th. - 2Dopeboyz

"CNN Featured Story: Hip-Hop meets Classical"

The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra teams up with a rapper and producer to stir more interest from younger audiences. - CNN

"RH First Look: Aleon Craft"

Last fall I made a trip out to Atlanta. While I was in town I asked a few people about artists that were "bubbling" as the tastemakers say... One name was repeated a little bit more than others, and I got a real vision of things when this young man's music came on at the club... Everybody went nuts. The person I speak of is Aleon Craft, who retooled the spelling of his name a little bit, the direction of his music, and the mentality of his hustle from the harder way to the smarter way. Craft says, "I've more so just started moving smarter and strategically.... I have grown and matured, mentally and musically." - Ruby Hornet


Da Backwzds - Wood Work (Rawdy Records/Atlantic)
"I Don't Like The Look Of It (Oompa)"
"You Gonna Love Me"

Aleon Craft - The Prologue Pt. 1
Aleon Craft - The Prologue Pt. 2



This is the story of Aleon Craft.

Like many before him, Aleon Craft has traveled far and experienced a lot, both in the music and in life. Music has taken Craft across the US, Planet Earth and Galaxy. He has always been enchanted by music. As a child, Annie Clyde, a DJ at the Elks Lodge on Auburn Avenue, not too far from his house, exposed Craft to the wonders of music, and taught him to appreciate different genres and varieties of music. Nevertheless, Craft’s musical journey can be traced back to 1998 when he joined forces with his cousin, ShoNuff, to form the duo, Da Backwudz. At that time Craft was better known by his alias, “Big Marc.” Da Backwudz, being blood relatives, formed an instant musical bond and spent a majority of their time writing music and experimenting with different sounds.

In the year 2005, after several years of hard work, Da Backwudz caught the eye of Atlanta super-producer Dallas Austin. Impressed with what he heard, Dallas signed Da Backwudz to a record deal with his label, Rowdy Records. While working on their debut album, Craft was able to work with some of the most talented hip-hop producers (ex. DJ Toomp, Rico Wade, Mr. DJ) and artists (Nas, Slim Thug, Bun B, Big Gipp, Killer Mike, Sleepy Brown, George Clinton…) known to man. Da Backwudz released their first album, “WoodWork,” approximately one year later, in 2006. Though the album achieved a certain level of success, and propelled Da Backwudz into the national spotlight, a second album has yet to follow. Eventually, Craft found himself, like many before him, abandon by the music industry machine and without a musical direction.

The years that followed took Craft to a lot of places, and down many different roads. He began the search for a new direction and inspiration. His musical expedition took him from Decatur to the outer limits of the galaxy, and back. Craft experimented with other artists, but ultimately decided to navigate the journey as a solo artist, which allowed him to create his own style and genre of music…Solar-Hop.

Today, when Craft is not in traveling the galaxy looking for new inspiration or spending time with his family and loved ones, he is experimenting with music and chronicling his stories. “I just want to make a living making songs. Whatever doors open up from me doing music, I’ll most definitely walk through them proudly,” says Aleon Craft.