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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Notable Shows"

Opened for "Punchline" at The Attic in Kettering,
Battle for 103.9's X-Fest at The Foundry in Dayton, Ohio
Opened for RFP Band at The Savoy Lounge in Springfield, Ohio
Acoustic show at The Shriver Center in Oxford, Ohio-Miami University
Yellow Springs street fair in Yellow Springs, Ohio - ATP

"Alert The Press Alerts The Night Mix Listeners"

Alert The Press made their Night Mix debut Tuesday night. Lead singer Mike Adkins, lead guitar Matt grant, bass player Adam Bostick and drummer Jason Byrum were all on hand to discuss their band, upcoming shows and introduce themselves to the Logan County listeners.

ATP’s “One For Katie” is the band’s self proclaimed crowd favorite. Their single “gone was played before the band played a live version of “Rest Assured” The band will be a guest of the Night Mix at Oldfield Beach on July 5th for the annual Beach Spectacular along with The Kraze.
- Written by Ken Keller

"The Beach Spectacular Packed With Local Talent"

Amanda Overboard started off by promoting a show they were going to perform that night. Amanda talked about her love of performing and what her band’s live shows are like. Amanda also talked about her band’s opportunity to open for the Danger Brothers at Oldfield Beach on July 19th. Amanda Overboard then performed an original song called rain and followed it up with a cover of Gun Powder and Lead.

The Kraze followed with Seth and Noah hanging out and talking about their summer and the recording of their upcoming album. The interview was pretty light hearted with Seth complaining about co-host JP’s hearty handshake. Seth joked that he didn’t know how he would play guitar with a broken right hand. Seth sucked it up and played an acoustic version of Call My Bluff.

Alert The Press was the final band to join The Night Mix on stage. This interview was the most relaxed of the day. Much fun was made throughout the interview about lead singer Mike Adkins getting his out of town friend lost with his directions to Oldfield Beach. Ken had a tough time remembering bass player Adam Bostick’s name. Ken called him Andy most of the night. ATP played two songs for the beach crowd, Moments and Mistakes and Four Guys – One Song. ATP substituted claps in Four Guys One Song with fart noises. Classic stuff.

Night Mix listeners came out in full force to listen to the bands and request songs. The night culminated with the Skyfire fireworks display at 10:00. WPKO played a patriotic mix of songs to coincide with the display. - Written by Ken Keller




Alert the Press was formed by vocalist/guitarist Mike Adkins and guitarist Matt Grant in September 2007. Friends since they were younger, they met up by chance after not having seen each other in a few years. The meeting led to talk of a band and shortly thereafter songwriting began. The idea behind the band was to write music that was catchy rock in the vain of Jimmy Eat World, Brand New, and the Ataris while incorporating elements of 80’s metal such as guitar harmonies and solos. This fusion led to the sound that is currently Alert the Press. After writing a few songs, Mike and Matt went searching for a bass player and drummer to fill out the band. They recruited Jason Byrum, who had previously played in other bands with Matt, to play drums and completed the line-up a short time later with Adam Bostick, Matt’s cousin, on bass guitar. The band is currently recording their first full-length c.d. after releasing a four song demo in April. They are also booking shows to help continue to grow their fan base.

Adam Bostick was born on July 2nd, 1988 in Springfield, Ohio. He quickly realized that music was his thing because of how much he heard about music and bands from his dad and brothers. Adam joined the school band in the 5th grade and was in it until graduating, switching from trumpet to electric bass to percussion. He also picked up guitar, keyboard, and drum set while in middle school and still plays all of those instruments including trumpet. During high school Adam was the drummer in a band called the Gran Pappy Coalition for three years and it was his first experience with a band that had a full set of originals and recordings. He is working at Tom’s Market in Yellow Springs when he is home from Oxford and he has been working there since 2005. Adam is now enrolled at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio pursuing a music education degree with a percussion focus. His favorite band is Blink-182 and favorite movies are the Scream trilogy. One time Dave Chappelle and Mos Def gave Adam $5 for carrying out their groceries. Most importantly he has a tattoo of the Fruit Stripes gum zebra on a skateboard on his left arm.

Jason Byrum was born on March 29 1985 at Springfield Community Hospital in Ohio. Growing up in the small town of Enon Ohio, he first took an interest in music and the drums at age 13 when one of his friends wanted to put together a band. Some of his main influences at that time were bands such as Green Day, Nirvana, Bush, and Blink 182. At around age 15 he began to lean a little more towards the metal scene with other influential bands such as Metallica, Godsmack, and Tool. in High School he played the tri toms and drum set for the Greenon knights marching band. Over the years Jason has played in a number of bands ranging in various styles from pop rock to hard core punk, and alternative rock. Some of his main influences today are probably Travis Barker and the drummers from Tool, Godsmack, and Motion City Soundtrack.

Michael Thomas Adkins was born on April 10th, 1985 in Springfield, Ohio. The first band that ever inspired Mike was The Offspring. Mike heard “self esteem” on the school bus one day in 5th grade and was immediately in love with this new style of music. From this point on, Mike new he wanted to learn how to play music. After asking for a drum set but being denied year after year, he finally got a very cheap guitar and soon started lessons. Guitar lesson were a complete waste of time for Mike. After two months, Mike quit the lessons after informing his mom that, “girls aren’t going to be impressed with Yankee Doodle and Ode to Joy”. This statement apparently persuaded Chris Cringle to award Mike with the drum set he’d always wanted. Through the years of playing drums in bands, Mike still progressed with the guitar. Eventually, Mike realized that his real passion was guitar and vocals and he pursued this through the start of Alert the Press.

Matt Grant was born December 28, 1984 in Springfield, Ohio. Before playing guitar, he played drums for a few years in various bands. His senior year of high school he started playing guitar and has stuck to it since then. He had played in many different bands before Alert the Press, most recently a fantasy rock band called Dungeon Master. Currently he is finishing up his Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio and playing music around classes. His biggest musical influences are Weezer, Jimmy Eat World, Big Country, and many different 80’s metal bands and guitarists including Warren DeMartini from Ratt and George Lynch from Dokken.