Alessandro Gigli

Alessandro Gigli


My Music is pure, it comes from the heart, and from real experiences that I have lived in my life. I would say its international music. I am italian but I have seen the world, and this has influeced my writing a lot.


Alessandro was born in Naples, Italy in 1976. Since a very young age he has had a very strong passion for music, instruments of all kind. His love for music grew even more when he was 15, and his father bought him his first classical guitar and a chord book. Since then, the love affair with music, has changed the way of living his life. At 15 he started taking private classical guitar lessons, that gave him a solid music theory and practical foundation. At the same age, he started writing songs and hundreds of poems. After spending several years, playing music with local bands, in the small town of Formia, in Italy, and being influenced by artists such as Pink Floyd, Elton John, Genesis and many more, Alessandro moved to America. In Denver, Colorado, he studied music, particularly blues and jazz guitar, and met Randy Caballero, a veteran in Tejano, and Latin Music. There they started immediately arranging and writing music that they both wrote during various years. Several demos were recorded and Alessandro was able to grow his talent, inspiration, improve his singing skills, and experience playing shows all around Colorado, and even down to Mexico. The Americas inspired him to write more and more music based on Latin flavours, and today Alessandro is a complete artist recording the most important album of his life, with the incredibly talented italian producer Alfonso Esposito at Extra Sensory Studios in London UK. Alessandro Gigli



Set List

I do sets of 10-12 songs and usually I sing Frank Sinatra covers when I do covers.
I love to sing standards.