Alessandro Penezzi

Alessandro Penezzi

 São Paulo, São Paulo, BRA

Besides the influences of Baden Powell, Edu Lobo e Egberto Gismonti that could be noticed all along his work, Alessandro shows with incredible agility and sensibility a musical personality that makes the audience be sure to be in front of one of the best Brazilian guitar players in activity.


"It is an common fact that virtuous musicians become famous by their performances since they control the musical instrument as they want. This fact is a similar relationship as a tamer, with his whip, and the jailed beast. The audience enjoys the musical numbers of theses made by these "supermen of the technique". However, the music, that was supposed to be the main issue as a whole, is almost injuried during this duel. When Alessandro Penezzi plays the guitar, this never happens. Besides his technical ability, his prodigious memory and huge musical culture, what impresses me the most about his musical personality is the relationship between he and the instruments he plays. Although he is exclusively presented as a guitar player, I`m sure he plays the mandolin, tenor-guitar and flute amazingly. Penezzi is very, very close to all these instruments. It doesn`t exist a main one, but everytime he changes the instrument this change happens in an outstanding way. This makes a great difference. Penezzi loves playing his instruments, and of course, his instruments love to be played by him. Thus, the music arises as a natural result from this beautiful and rare relationship.
The soul of "choro" is always present with his best: freedom, ryhtmic, harmonical and melodical richness, opened to show consistent news permanently." (Maurcio Carrilho)


Conjunto Som Brasileiro - 1995
Abismo de Rosas e outros solos de violão - 2000
Trio Quintessência - A quintessência da música - 2002
Conjunto Choro Rasgado - Baba de Calango - 2004
Alessandro Penezzi - 2006b

Set List

The set can be from 40 to 80 minutes and I play my compositions and some personal arrangements for Garoto, Luperce Miranda, Radamés Gnattali, Baden Powell and Jacob do Bandolim.