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Alesya is a future world superstar. She has unusual ability to sing like a blues star with a perfect pitch and keep pace witha trickiest instrumental breaks. Victor Sopelckin is a professional arranger of her music.While listening to their music you will forget about reality and sink into dreams.
They were born to sing and create the joy of melody.
Victor Sopelckin maintains the clarity and purity of
a blues tone in his free way of playing the music and
adding his own voice in the course of


Alesya Frolova is an international singer from Russia. Songwriter and artist, Alesya is on her way to reaching the top heights of her musician career. She works with Victor Sopelckin arranger at their record studio. Together they formed a special mixture of music styles. Some of them are jazzy, soulful with a melodramic feel. Some call them pop rock, electro pop, experimental, Ambient/Chill, New Age/World, funk groove , Club/Dance and e.c.
She has won many prizes and music competitions.
For instance, a song "Rain" was in the finalist list at UK Songwriting Competition 2011 and other competitions from different web sites( Ourstage, Sounclick and e.c.) .


The Night Goes By

Written By: Words and music by Bruno Susio & ALESYA

“The night goes by”

1st verse
The night goes by, just like a stranger
Let me take you into the sea. Let me know you’ll rescue me.

2nd verse
The night goes by, just like a demon
I will love you till the end , ‘cause I know there is no fence.

And I’ll take you so-o close, and I’ll take you so-o far

3rd verse
My life goes by, just like a dust ball
Makes me cry because I am sad for the love I never had

And I’ll take you so-o close, and I’ll take you so-o far

4° Verse
My night goes by, just like a rainbow
We will sing and play the game and we’ll never lose the same

And I’ll take you so-o close, and I’ll take you so-o far


Written By: Alesya Frolova


Your your your your…
In the midnight you as usual fall a sleep
I will come to you like demon you’re so sweet
Don’t resist me you’ve desired me to come
We can do a lot of things you’ve never done
You’ve, you’ve, you’ve…
You’ve you’ve you’ve you’ve…
Never done
On the second night I’m angel in the clouds
I can show you how to be the one of us
You will get the wings and we’ll fly round the world
You’ll appreciate it with your special soul
Your your your your …
Your your your
Special soul
You will wake up in the morning at a loss
What was happening last nights you liked the most
On the way to work you meet me on the street
Do you recognize me? I’m your destiny…
Your your your your your your…
You’re you’re you’re your
Refrain: Mystery in me this it what you see
Your your you’re your your destiny


Their first album is "Reflection of the world".
Harborough FM- Terry James Hawke, UK
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Set List

The Man from my dream.
To live without you
The night goes by
I'm leaving you
Ask me