Aletha is unique and out of the box. A vessel used to glorify God in all things; spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ that it may fulfill just what GOD has for it to fulfill. Aletha - A Living Example That HE's Amazing.


Aletha was born December 16, 1982 in Goldsboro, NC. It was at the age of 13 that Aletha discovered her love for singing. As a member of Save The Family Ministries Praise Team, it has been placed on her heart to glorify God through her music. Although there has been some trials and tribulations that she had to endure, Aletha always found inspiration through music. Her prayer is to be used by GOD through music, that He be glorified and that souls are drawn until him.

Aletha's music is poetry from her heart to God's ear. A testimony of her lifes experiences and how God has brought her through. Her music is to be encouragement to those who take ear to it. The thing that set Aletha apart from others is simple....."Being set apart to do a specific and unique work which GOD has laid before me".