Aletheian is a metal band from central PA. Incorporating elements of progressive, technical, and melodic metal with the brutality of death metal; Aletheian brings a fresh, innovative, and thought provoking style with a positive message of Hope to a dark, dry scene.


ALETHEIAN is a central Pennsylvania based metal band, formerly know as CRUTCH. Aletheian is the greek word for "truth", and the band bears with them a message of Hope.

CRUTCH was founded in 1997 and became ALETHEIAN in 2003. The name change came when CRUTCH underwent a major transformation acquiring two new members, and made the decision to take the band to the touring level for the first time.

The style and material of the band has not changed with the name. Combining elements of technical, progressive, European, and melodic metal; ALETHEIAN hopes to bring a fresh sound and a positive message to a dark, dry scene.

ALETHEIAN has played festivals such as March Metal Meltdown, MACRoCk, Sick as Sin, Metal Mindrage, Icthus, and Cornerstone Festival as well as with bands such as Cephalic Carnage, Biohazard, Buried Alive, Antithesis, Withered Earth, Disgorge, Zao, Living Sacrifice, Tantrum of the Muse, Underoath, and many others.

Influences included: Death, Cynic, Carcass, Emperor, Extol, Fates Warning, Dream Theater, Meshuggah, At the Gates, etc...


Break in the Clouds

Written By: J Thorpe

The storm clouds move in overhead, drowning out the light of day. Blinded in the darkness, soul torn apart by the falling rain. Cold and alone, trembling with fear and shame. Arms stretched to the sky as blood drips from my eyes, I wait for a break in the clouds. Withered from the absence of glory, fruitless from the absence of light. Barren from self-reliance, empty but not without hope. I still remember the glory of the light; I know the power of the sun. Amidst the despair, hope will prevail, as calm follows every storm. Hungry for renewal, longing for the warmth that awaits, I wait for a break in the clouds.


Written By: J Thorpe

…Sifting through the charred remains of self-fulfillment, fruitless efforts to appease an intangible yearning. Standing on the brink of death, petitioning the value of this pallid life. “What is there that is left to live for? This all consuming feeling that there’s something more?” An internal vacuum; frozen desperate, lonely. Waiting to be filled by the breath of life. Ingrained desire for completion, imprinted in creation, the handprint of design. Restoration awaits a desire to seek; an openness to embrace the intended fulfillment, willingness to relinquish the shackles of betrayal, to cast off the chains of self-imprisonment. Living water will quench the intangible thirst (never too thirst again), calm the churning tides, still the tempest, and part the seas. Delivering a drowning man to solid land. Divine compassion lies in wait for the opportunity to bring restitution. The hand of wrath, empowered to serve justice in light of the defiling of truth, has been stayed by the deliberate had of mercy. The debt was channeled through mortal pain and death, once through one, the risen one, once and for all, for the restoring of all. Pervasive grace pierces through darkness revealing light. All that remains is a step in faith, to make a choice. “For too long I’ve entertained these lies. Self reliance has blinded my sight.” “As I turn my eyes towards the fire, a voice beckons to me as I cry.” “Relinquish fear, you no longer must hide. Let this Fire, within you reside.” “Tempering the fortitude of life, annealing power of light be glorified.”

As the Fall Breaks

Written By: Aletheian

As the Fall Breaks: (Dedicated to the memory of Josiah Barron and Scott Bollinger)

Injustice between brothers left un-mended, with no chance left to reconcile. Will you forgive me in my memories? For I can’t turn back the hands of time. Haunted by questions of what could have been. Sorrow, shame, regret. Friendship defiled. … The smoke settles as the echo fades. This quiet stillness is so peace less. Hopeless decision made in haste, leaving only “numb” – the hand scrawled explanation. Why couldn’t you have waited five more minutes? Why couldn’t I have spared five more of mine? Who am I to shed a tear? The Hope I bear I bore inside. … The silence shatters as the fall breaks. Lifetime reflection in a momentary decent. Tragic accident without warning left so many ends untied. Why couldn’t I have said I’m sorry? Why had I forsaken you? Brotherhood I have defiled. The Love I bare I have denied. Brother against brother, selfish stubborn battle. Petty qualms fester deep, severing all ties. Principles borne to heart have all been pushed aside. Tragedy reveals this squandered wasted time. Great truths revealed through grave mistakes. Hard lessons learned through retrospect. Bite not the hand that has been offered. Deny not a hand to help another. Let bitter judgment fall the way of hate and embrace thy brethren.


Aletheian - 'Dying Vine' Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Studio Insomnia. Released in 6/05 by Hope Prevails Productions.

Aletheian - "Apolutrosis" Full-length Concept album, pre-release made available independently in 2003. Re-mixed and re-mastered for full-release in 2004 on Hope Prevails Productions.

Crutch - "...hope prevails" Full-length released independently in 2001, Re-released on Burning Records in 2002. Partially re-recorded, re-mixed, re-mastered, and re-released with updated artwork and the name "Aletheian", in 2004 on Hope Prevails Productions.

Aletheian Live DVD - 2+ hours of Edited Live concert footage, Concept Music video, Behind the scenes recording documentary, etc...

10/20 Underground Rock Show - DVD video compilation - 2004. Aletheian has two songs ("Break in the Clouds" and "Exaleipheian") recorded live in Ohio for this Spindust Records DVD compilation video. Filmed, recorded, edited, and mastered by Offcenter studios, released on Spindust records.

'Break in the Clouds' from "...hope prevails" available for download from

'Exaleipheian' from "Apolutrosis" available for download from,, and

Set List

Aletheian's standard set list:

Break in the Clouds
Xenos: II
Out from the Shadows
As the Fall Breaks
A Call to Arms
Voice of Love
Exaleipheian: II

Set time is 40 min, songs are cut or added to accommodate set times from 30 to 45 min. Occasionally Aletheian does a cover of an old Death or Carcass song.