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After listening to their song “Sit and Stare” there was nothing else to do but sit and absorb the captivating sounds of Alethia. They sing about the everyday experiences we’ve all had and express it in a way that will move you. With words that can reach into the hearts of thousands of people, this four-man band is ready to make it big. We are fortunate to have this awesome group take the time to tell us their drives and goals for the future. This week's artist of the week is Alethia.

Aloha MRFH - First of all, tell us a little about yourselves.

Alethia - Well, let's see...Alethia, as it stands right now, is compromised of four guys from a small suburb of Birmingham, Alabama. We have all been struggling musicians for quite sometime...not struggling at life or anything just struggling trying to make it in the biz...but we have a good time anyway.

Aloha MRFH - How did you all come together?

Alethia - We all have been good friends since high school. We were also at one point in time all involved in some sort of a public school music program. Which kinda started us off in our long and unresolved musical journey.

Aloha MRFH - What do you think makes you unique as a band?

Alethia - Quite possibly the friendship factor...i can't say for sure but we have tried this with a big mix of other musicians, but this lineup that we have right now just feels destined for some reason. We always seem to be on the same wavelength musically. And that is really rare these days. We just enjoy making music together and being friends.

Aloha MRFH - As a band what do you hope to achieve?

Alethia - We just want to reach people with our music. There are so many people who have experienced a lot of the same things we have. We just think that it is something special that should be shared all over the world.

Aloha MRFH - What drives you to create music?
Alethia - What doesn't? Happiness, heartache, faith, hope, love, anger and on and is a wonderful thing.

Aloha MRFH - What do you find most rewarding about creating music?

Alethia - The release...there is something that you can communicate through a melody that just can't be translated any other way. The feeling of is just a natural high that you can't explain you just have to live it.

Aloha MRFH - 'Sit and Stare?' can relate to thousands of people out there. Which of one of your songs relate to your group the most?

Alethia - That has yet to be seen so far...seeing as we are still writing our debut at this point...but in general I think it would have to be "understand"...Everybody has that time in their life when they really help someone...even if it is just in some little way..."Understand" Is about just that. It is about reaching out and helping someone who needs it...who cares why? All that matters is that you did and that you could.

Aloha MRFH - Do you have any albums out?

Alethia - Not at the moment, but it is being written and recorded right now...well not right right now...because we're doing this interview but you know what i mean. But we hope to have it out to the public this summer.

Aloha MRFH - If we wanted to hear more from Alethia, where can they be found?

Alethia - You can actually get a sneak peak at some of our new stuff on our website, we've posted some our rough demo's up there everyone to hear and get thoughts on You can also hear our old EP on our myspace which is up for purchase right now on the site. We also will post a new demo when they are available.
We would just like to thank all our Friends and family this would be so very hard without their constant support. We can't and wouldn't forget the Fans because at the end of the day that is what this is all about making music that we not only enjoy but making music that touches people and that they can relate to. So thank you to all!!

- myringforher


The Northbound EP :



Alethia is a mix between what you hear on the radio and what you wish you heard on the radio. This progressive combination of both emotional lyrics and exciting drive creates a listening experience that reflects the absolute meaning behind the word "alethia"--the truth. The five members of Alethia have known each other since their early days in high school, where they met and all participated in music programs. The band includes J.T. McDanal (Guitar/Lead Vocals), Andy Brown (Keyboard/Vocals), Shawn Lackey (Guitar/Vocals), Jason Vickers (Drums/Percussion), and Michael Jones (Bass). Alethia possesses a rich history, now spanning three different musical incarnations. It's origins began in 2000 as the group "Providence", which disbanded in early 2003. The core four members of Providence, along with a new member, formed the five-piece "Northbound" shortly thereafter. Northbound enjoyed success through recording a three song EP and airing on college radio. In late 2005 the bandmembers all agreed to take a short break. The reprieve gave birth to Alethia in March 2006, reverting back to the current five member line-up and taking the band in a new musical direction. In the last year Alethia has been writing new material and recording their debut album, which is scheduled for release in summer 2008. Alethia has performed all over the Southeast including such places as The B & A Warehouse, The Alabama Coach Company, The High Note, The Nick, The University of Montevallo, The University of Troy, and Brother's Bar in Jacksonville, Alabama. Alethia is one of the new up-and-coming groups attracting people from every walk of life. Take one listen and you too will be overpowered with what you hear