I write and play sixties-style accoustic guitar protest songs against lefties, neocons, and power-grabbers of all shapes and sizes.


Is it possible? Original, sixties-style protest songs - but with an unexpected twist? Yes, it's possible. I soaked it up when I was a kid, now it's flowing back out of me as if I'd been writing songs all of my life. Do you like songs with words you can decipher that actually mean something, for a change? Are you a freedom fighter at heart? If so, give me a try. You'll like what you hear.


Unbranded, unburned. Almost a virgin - musically, that is.

Set List

1. Born to be Free (Yes, others have that title, but this one's an original)
2. Getting old??
3. The New Vietnam
4. Who Are You (to Lie About Your Aims)?
5. Wild Spirit
6. If You Love ...
7. Can't Afford No Big Airliner (A spoof of Arlo Guthrie's "Coming Into Los Angeles" - with a twist!)
8. American Looser (Spoof of Guess Who's "American Woman")
9. Wondring Aloud (Jethro Tull Cover)
10. We Used to Know (Another Tull Cover)
11. Ship of Dumbasses (Translated by me from German protest-singer Reinhard Mey's "Das Narrenschiff")