It’s a personal piece, like many of the songs I have written over the years are part of who i am- stories of life, love, loss and my pursuit of happiness.


Alex’s music is the most sincere and honest expression of a sentimental mind and soul, that gives the listener a glimpse of the person within. His sound, comparable to the likes of Eros Ramazotti and Enrique Iglesias, projects a certain vulnerability and has a natural cross-cultural appeal with commercial potential. This talented singer/songwriter, whose strength lies in writing romantic English/Spanish ballads, that are sung wholeheartedly with a sensuous voice, poetic lyrics and moving melodies, will connect well with sentimental listeners and romantics around the globe.


“Desde Que Te Fuistes”, “If I Ever See You Again”, “No Se Por Qué” and “Hoy”

Set List

the sets are about 45 minutes to an hour long and the list includes: Desde que te fuistes, I don't know why, Only God Knows Why, even if, Hoy, asi pasastes tu, cuento las estrellas and others.