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Alexa Dexa

West Babylon, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | SELF

West Babylon, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2010
Solo Pop Dream Pop




"Alexa Dexa, Artist in Residence for Schoenhut Piano Company"

There are many words to describe the multifaceted toychestra composer and electronic sound designer, Alexa Dexa. But the first thing that comes to our mind is: Little piano, huge talent. - Schoenhut Piano Company

"Alexa Dexa at the UnCaged Toy Piano Festival"

What [Alexa Dexa] does is really special and adds another perspective to the toy piano. - Phyllis Chen, I Care If You Listen

"Alexa Dexa at The Brink Lounge"

With a barrage of toy instruments (bike bell, seed-pod shaker, baby rattle), a whimsical approach and powerful pipes, Dexa's electro-pop illustrates why the verb that goes with "music" is "play." - Isthmus

"Alexa Dexa & the Common Courtesy Collective"

Playing a Schoenhut toy piano, atop which sit a set of those little colored concierge desk-style bells, has her seated humbly before you on the floor, but her powerful voice and dance-worthy beats (played through her iPhone) lift her up to meet everyone’s attention. - Leah Pape, Common Courtesy Collective

"Alexa Dexa on WMSE"

New York resident Alexa Dexa takes a unique approach on soulful pop and dance ditties. A childlike sensibility adds an air of playfulness to Dexa’s already playful music and spirit. - WMSE Music News

"Alexa Dexa at the UnCaged Toy Piano Festival"

Examples of pure charm and whimsy came in a six-song set by Alexa Dexa, who accompanied her hearty, flexible voice with toy piano, desk bells and other gadgets. - Steve Smith, The New York Times

"Alexa Dexa on the Taleteller Podcast"

[Alexa Dexa's] music is a wonderful combination of oddness and beauty, which makes for a curious listening experience. - Philippe Perez, The Taleteller Podcast

"Alexa Dexa at Bar East"

“Musically Alexa's childlike air is quite deceptive because her material covers more adult territory – with its eerie, minimalist feel, she croons and coos seductively while simultaneously sounding as though she were a woman teetering on the tightrope of her own sanity.” - William Helms- The Joy of Violent Movement

"Alexa Dexa at The Local 269"

"Her material struck me and captured my attention – it was eerie and ethereal in a way that I hadn’t quite heard before and Alexa Dexa’s voice was amazing. It seemed to be a uniquely singular and oddly childish artistic vision." - William Helms - The Joy of Violent Movement

"Someone's Trying to Kill Me"

The production is disorienting and at times frightening, as Alexa Dexa's elaborate sound design creates the sense that something is about to leap out of every corner. - Back Stage


EP: breathe me in
Album: a symphony of band-aids for the visionary wound
Album: Tone Poems for Typatune
B-Sides: Band-Aids B-Sides
Album: a bedtime anthology



Alexa Dexa is a multifaceted artist with footholds in composition, electronic sound design, and performance. Her toychestral electronic pop solo project parades her floating vocals, handcrafted soundscapes, and enough instruments made with children in mind to rival a playpen. Among her growing collection are her beloved toy pianos, pitched desk bells, and typatune.

Described as a soulful girl with bells and bubbles, Alexa embodies a freedom of spirit and devotes herself to the formation of evocative tunes and unconventional performance. There is a striking duality between the innate childish affability of her toys and the maturity of her lyrical content and compositional means. She finds a place of unconditioned wonder to weave into songs touching on a range of subjects from heartache to physics. With her fanciful stage presence and occasional accompanying art installations, Alexa creates ethereal atmospheres that melt away the edges of perception.

An adventurer at heart, Alexa has journeyed on four DIY tours and has a multitude of tour itineraries in the works for the future. By compacting her toychestra with concise musical necessity in mind, Alexa is able to traverse the map with ease during her extended months of touring. With a 40 liter Deuter backpack, 7 of her desk bells, an alarm clock, her smallest 18-key Schoenhut baby grand toy piano and an iPhone housing her beats, Alexa migrates throughout the United States and Europe favoring use of public transportation. Alexa handles all of her own booking and tour planning.

A graduate of Berklee College of Music (2011), member of the Schoenhut Artist Roster, and volunteer artist for Sing for Hope, Alexa consistently receives praise for her originality and musical prowess. Her festival appearances include Fusion Festival (2014) on a former Russian military airfield in Germany, the UnCaged Toy Piano Festival (2013) in NYC curated by toy piano legends Margaret Leng Tan and Phyllis Chen, Detroit’s Sidewalk Festival of Performing Arts (2013-2014) for which Alexa produces and performs with site-specific sound installations, and Make Music New York (2010-2013), for which Alexa composed and organized a mass appeal toy piano performance. Her past projects include taking on the capacity of Sound Designer for the Off-Off-Broadway production of “Someone’s Trying to Kill Me” at NYC’s HERE theater (2011).

Rawhide Records is Alexa Dexa’s humble recording studio on Long Island. It is where she records all of her albums, as well as the albums of other musicians for whom she acts as an audio engineer and producer. Her beat-making workstation also resides there. With the aid of her little oxygen 8 keyboard, Alexa architects aural surroundings using Digital Performer, Logic, Reason, & sample libraries from Native Instruments. 

Dexa is Alexa’s middle name, after her paternal granny. Always a playful girl enchanted with miniatures and sonically drawn to resonant bell tones, it is not much of a surprise that upon first discovering the realm of toy instruments, Alexa fell head over heels instantly and immediately began to seek out the toys she now uses to self-accompany and that continue to shape the contours of her compositions and musical sensibilities.

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