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Dare To Dream

Written By: Alexander

This is our world/ It's a hard place to live/ Survival of the fittest/ Always demons to over come// Nightmares can be erased/ If you chase the burning star/ To find yourself/ You may find what you've been looking for/ But you must/ But you must// Dare to dream/ Dare to dream/To keep that dream alive/ Dare to try/ Dare to try/ Trying and dreaming can be all thats needed/ To bring your fantasy/ Into reality// Come whatever may/ In the bridge you must cross/To seek the fire/ You require// Only a desire can take the place/ Of the pain you've endured/ From the one's who pull you to the ground/ Always face your fears/ Rise above those fears/ And walk into the light and...// Taking chances/ Can be rewarding/ The greatest sacrifice/ Will never be undone/ If you run and keep runing towards that star/ Find the flame and say/ I told you so...///