Alexander Hudjohn
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Alexander Hudjohn

Portland, Oregon, United States

Portland, Oregon, United States
Band Americana Acoustic


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Alex Hudjohn is moving towards a common path for punk musicians. He’s decided to go solo showcasing not only the depth and talent of his songwriting credentials but also the range of his influences. When his band, Anchor Down, called quits after two short years, Alex decided to create music that he was passionate about. With a fondness for those great storytellers in music, he has released his first EP “Acerage” for free via his page. Mixing punk roots with folk and americana country music, Alex took some time out to answer a few questions. - Death to Your Speakers


Our stream today comes from Portland, OR singer/songwriter Alexander Hudjohn. We've got a stream of the former Anchor Down frontman's new EP, Acreage. If you like what you hear, it's available for download at his Bandcamp page.

You can check it out on his page.

"The Punk Site"

Former Anchor Arms member Alexander Hudjohn has just released his debut EP, Acreage. It’s a great little slice of country punk (actually, that’s an understatement, these tracks take a really epic, powerful stance, perfect for the EP’s narrative style), and even features an appearance by one of my favourite vocalists Jay Northington (of Nothington). It’s almost like a stripped down combination of Murder By Death and Ghoultown, only with no need for any of the novelty genre stuff. Great stuff worth checking out. -

"Music She Blogged"

"Willie Nelson take me home"
Leaving his punk roots behind with the now deceased Anchor Down (shame) Alexander Hudjohn, former singer/guitarist for the band, calls home to his softer side for his new solo project "Acreage". The singer/songwriter material is clearly country inspired as he cries out to Willie Nelson in the song "Last of the Troubadours", and on his myspace describes his music as "the music I play when I have too many beers and put on my Waylon Jennings records."
His low raspy vocals work just as well in this form as they did spitting punk rock, and the lyrics are more mature and sound like he's reached a new era in his life both musically and personally.
Annnd there's harmonica.
Which I am a little obsessed with hearing right now, so the song "Camels and Caffeine" especially pushes me into the love barrel with this EP. -

"Dying Scene"

Alexander Hudjohn, former lead singer and guitar player for Anchor Down, is offering a free download of his new EP Acreage on his bandcamp page. You can stream and download the songs from the EP through his site. It sounds kind of like if Johnny Cash and Matt Skiba got together to write some country songs, and then the power went out so they jammed on acoustic guitars. Intervention Records will be releasing the album on vinyl in June.

Alexander also has a handful of shows coming up on the West Coast – check out the dates on Dying Scene Shows. -


"Acreage" EP, 2010



I've played in punk bands and now I play acoustic music. I'm torn between the two and my music reflects that. That's about it.