Alexander Landing

Alexander Landing


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Written By: Nathan Johnson

Johnny won't be coming home tomorrow
Although he said that he had the money for the fare
Mother sat in the station until well past 2am
But Johnny...Johnny wasn't there

Mother returned bloodshot and shaken
She said it just wasn't like her son not to call
And so she drank her coffee, and she stayed up all night long
Until Spring turned into Summer and then to Fall

Sometimes we think that we did something wrong
But I think that you said you loved us all along
And I often wonder, Johnny, do you think about us where you are,
Or should I wish upon that star for you?

His best friend Brian found that John was in Breezewood, PA
He said that Johnny called from a hotel room earlier that day
So mother called every inn in town, but she did so in despair
Because, Johnny wasn't there

It's been four long years since John left here all alone
And mother still jumps every time she hears the ringing of the phone
And someday I'll find you, for I took a solemn vow
But Johnny...Johnny where are you now?
Oh Johnny...Johnny where are you now?


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