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Alex Mac is an Avaunt-Gard, combining mainstream flows, lyrical content, & the true tangibles of emceeing with Rock music creating his own sub genre "Progressive Hip Hop". In the past year alone he has become a crowd favorite, with His stage presence & on the fly ability to freestyle over rock gems.


Exploding out of South Central Los Angeles is Alex Mac. At the age of 11, he began free-styling back when free-styling didn’t involve smart phones or the memorization of lyrics. After a couple years behind the scenes working under the radar with Aftermath Songwriters; He wrote and recorded the “#WDLAhaveagoodone” Project, using tracks from Menahan Street Band, Daft Punk, TV on the Radio, and RJD2. Alex Mac’s first single from that project “Ghostwriter” reached #1 on The Michael Jay Show. Now being backed by his new band Dub 4:15 every show is electric. Genesoul Productions Four-Time Grammy Nominated Haskel Jackson has referred to Alex Mac and his Movement as “a breath of fresh air, you would’ve thought these kids graduated from Wu-School.” Alex Mac’s music is a perfect blend of 90's hip hop, and modern day mainstream. He is on a quest of evolution hell bent on breaking open that box called hip hop.



Written By: Andrew "Alexander Mac" Bodden

your son'll be born any day now..
circle of life twice confined to this playground..
too busy to cook these days, take out..
promised you'd always care about me, way down..
on the surface you seem nervous..
trying your hardest to make everything seem perfect..
maybe im not at all and that man is more de-serve'n..
maybe thats house, and we were just re-hearse'n
i guess you've memorized all of your lines now..
to go with those facial expressions when you lie down..

once upon a time deep in love with the sober me..
and today my career is calling me over seas..
she had got a scholarship for her slow release..
true beauty in that moment, mona lease..

excuses excuses, crack like massues.
most useless of muses... why do i do this..

the hardest part of letting go is letting go..
take it from me, don't ever let her know..

hook 1:09-1:31 ; 2:37-3:21
don't call me up and tell me you still..
feel that way about me when you know its unreal...
take a second, take a moment just chill
i know i fucked up, u know u fucked up..

now im surrounded by the ladies who chase the dreams in their magazine..
who want the largest rock ever seen on their wedding ring..
not even crackin bitches, these bitches beddin me..
i bet they look up to the baddest out the meda-yeen..
I hope this plays out how I had it in my mind..
Even if it doesnt, doesnt matter never mind...
Look back at your life, and see all you have done::
Is break a couple hearts and a lot of drugs::
Made alotta plans, followed up with some::
Learned to keep the shit u deal with bottled up enough,
since im now on this quest to never be seen again..
As soon as I find true happiness im gonna breath it in..
all that's on my mind is how will I make her stay.
Next to me forever or just another day.
turnd the phones off, shade up at her place..
Alotta lil flames wit a little bit a lace..

jus got done climbin up them long legs,
this beautiful woman says, why u gotta leave this warm bed..
all i do is kiss her on her forehead,
and teller imma miss her for her cornbread..
I wanted to write you a song that you could learn,
and sing from tonight until the day that I return.

Madame Butterfly

Written By: Andrew "Alexander Mac" Bodden

know You seen me lookin atchu from across the room,
I saw it all in her eyes and i should not persue..
funny money kept u from goin off to school..
i was more interested in the house of blues..
remember that summer when we first met,
shit was shakey like a baby n his first steps..
yep, people change, i learned there's more ta life..
and im over it, well borderline..
u had ta have ya white picket fence, nice dividends::
bubble eyed little benz u look right gettin in::
4 or 5 little kids & a nice little den::
Only for the churrin would she Try this again::
she said this shit gets ugly trust me..
but please dnt judge me.. love me..



all them hours doin work got her knees bright..
all of this pain is how we know that this is real life..
still you lookin bad like you just walked out of class::
Stupid faded off yo ass and u still saved a nigguh half::

she listend to white snake and smokes marlboro reds::
wit a picture of her best friend jack beside the bed:
pq The writtins on the walls and all the letters in chalk>>
N she erased her share, n sed were better apart>>

now everything is movin slow, everythan is movin slow..
u know this bitch, she ride on chrome..
from the 213 to the 9 0 foe..
i sweaaar tht pussy solid gold..
i'll tell tht b***h sign it ova..
like im some kinda private owna..

Just show up at my pad with patron and that ass::
For 3 hrs & a half all she's gonna do is gasp::
she can barley even stand and All I can do is laugh.
Hop out of bed Button up my collar, sip my glass.

but moneys on my mind and on the other side of the telephone..
brody told me The lime lights nothin compared to these yellowbones..
so, I spent last night stabbin like that nigguh from the alamo..


Welcome Home (RJD2 Ghostwriter Cover)
Wilson Fisk
Sunset Bike Club
Troubled Man
Madame Butterfly

Ep's LP's
#WDLAhaveAgoodOne Jan,2012
MAC Vol. 1 July, 2012
S.L.U.G LP Nov, 2012
The Special 2013

Set List

80's Baby
Have A Good One
Millennium Man
Sunset Bike Club
June 21st
All You Do
We Are All Kings
Troubled Man
Welcome Home
Friends Fire Freedom Fun
Super Senior
Growing Pains
Madame Butterfly
Long Way Home
She Is..

-Subjected to Revisions depending on Set Time-

-Listed below are a few of my favorite covers to freestyle and Jam to-
Book of Right on - Joanna Newsom (Freestyle)
Kashmir - Led Zeppelin (Freestyle)
Ritual Union - Little Dragon (Freestyle)
Hey Joe - Jimmy Hendrix (Freestyle)
Giving Me A Chance - Gotye (Freestyle)
Double Bass - Gorillaz (Freestyle)
Attitude - Alien Ant Farm (Freestyle)
Reckoner - Radiohead (Freestyle)
Fall Creek Boys Choir - James Blake / Bon Iver (Freestyle)