alexander's festival hall

alexander's festival hall

 London, England, GBR

Imagine Noel Coward working with Schneider TM on putting a lot of heart and wit back in electronica...


Alexander M. is a popularsongmaker and producer based in East London. Alexander's Festival Hall is his current project, a set of pop songs that combine the romance of the 30s with the technology of the noughties.

Live performances by AFH are conducted with the help of Barny the Rock' on drums (The Auteurs) and Clare Younis (Brian Jonestown Massacre) providing lilting vocal additions. The shows are variously heartbreak and floorshaking, snaking from rustic ballads to deft electronicapop. AFH has graced stages with the likes of Hanne Hukkelberg, Paris Motel, Piney Gir and many more.

He's previously released records as "Baxendale" on Kompakt, Scheinselbstanig and LeGrandMagistery (USA).



"Like 79": 2009/11: Handmade VP3 format single
"Becoming the reason" (Le Grand Magistery, USA)
"Silent Nites" (Le Grand Magistery, USA)

AFH produced and arranged Piney Gir's 2009 album "The Yearling" and is part of her touring band "The Age of Reason".

AFH's debut album "The Change So Strange" will be out in 2010.

Set List

45 mins

Crazy every nite
In two minds
The past
Life backstage
Sixty seconds (in a club)
Empty sky (cover, bruce springsteen)
Like 79
Becoming the reason
Im gonna get Married
All the great last lines
Happiness box