Alex Anderson

Alex Anderson


A refreshing acoustic/folk/rock sound. I'm sure you'll enjoy the clear vocals melodic sounds of my music.


My name is Alex Anderson. I was born in Boston and grew up traveling devloping a strong love for "the road"
While living in Oregon I started learning to play guitar and writing music. I have now been doing so for the past twelve years and have develpoed a fresh and original style.
By gaining knowledge and structure from many up and coming acts and experienced song writers I have been perfecting my own sound.
I love to play for crowds and take in their energy to play to the best of my ability.


I am currentl working on gigs in my local area of North Carolina and shoping my demo around industry profesionals. I've talked to some people at EMI and you can check me out at my myspace music site.

Set List

I play mostly originals in order to get my music out there and heard. I have a large list of my own songs and I usualy like to play festivals and openings for acts. I typicaly play about a three hour set.