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Written By: alexander wayner


He was a child of God
And he was young and wild
He never saw a man
He never saw a woman
In crazy jungle land
He never had a friend
He was a lonely man
He was a lonely dreamer

Mowgli, he was a man of human kind
Mowgli, nobody knew what’s on his mind
Mowgli, a story of obsession
Mowgli, he was sincere, but he was rough
Mowgli, he never heard a word of love
Mowgli, he was a man of passion.

look behind your eyes

Written By: alexander wayner

Look behind your eyes
Do you see your soul?
Look without a lie
Do you see it all?
And behind your soul
You should see a cove
Step inside and fall
And you’ll find your love.

When you’ll find your love
You should see a light
It will shine and glow
It will make you blind.
May be someone say
That you weird and poor,
You will find your way
You will find a cure.

Look behind your eyes
Do you see your soul?


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