Alexand Laberge

Alexand Laberge

BandEDMAdult Contemporary

Musician/Songwriter/Producer. Would like to participate in audio projects and be part of the production chain (any level). Working from home studio. Experience with tools like pro tools and ableton live (can adapt). Very creative. Original music tailor made to fit your project.

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Time Stood Still

Written By: Alexand Laberge

Time stood still
For a while
All I know
Time is flying
All I know
I'll never be ready to go

Still we're smiling
It feels good you know
And laughing
It feels good you know

Sit back

Written By: Alexand Laberge

I've been running around
searching for clues
The ones I found
don't lead back to you
(lead back to you)

I've been digging down
trying to get through
Now this hole in the ground
will be perfect for you
(and the memories of you)

Why can't you sit back
Like you used to
Forget what you fear
'cause now everything's near

Why can't we sit back
Like we used to
Forget what we fear
'cause now everything's here