I can describe my music as very happy music! If you're depressed just listen to one of my songs and you'll be cheered up again! My music is a mixture of Latin and Oriental sounds. Some of my tracks are more relaxed.


On the 24th of June 1984 an artist was born in Brussels, her name is Alexandra, a young and dynamic girl with a great voice as a gift from up above!

She discovered her talent at the age of six and released her first CD with 4 songs at the age of 8. She performed for the first time with her father's band. She also got interviewed for the first time at radiostations and TV, she sang her songs on a kid's TV-show in Belgium. This was her first TV experience. She grew up in a musical environment thanks to her father who is a professional singer and received a golden record in 1982 in Belgium.

When Alexandra was 14 she released a new single with two songs. After this she got hired in a band in Belgium in which she stayed 7 years. She was performing LIVE every weekend during 7 years for events like weddings, anniversaries,birthdays..etc, in the most wonderful places of Brussels and also abroad. With the band she went a several times all over Europe, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, France, The Netherlands,Luxemburg,Greece...etc

The last 5 years she was singing every summer for 2 months in the south of Greece. She was collaborating with her Italian dancers where she was singing and dancing at the same time.

Today Alexandra's 23 years old and released her new single "Brighter than the sun" it's a great summer sound with a lot of different styles in one song. The song is a mixture of salsa and oriental. Alexandra is writing all her lyrics by herself. She signed a contract with Magic Production in Belgium and is distributed by EMI.

She also went to Cannes this year to MIDEM and signed a contract with a Canadian Record Company called Dance Plant Records. This summer 2007 " Brighter than the sun" will be on a compilation in Canada and the USA. Her Record Company in Canada just released her "music video" and it will soon be online so that you can check it out!

Alexandra is working on her new album she already recorded new songs titled, " That's amore", "Everytime I..." and "My song to you".

This year Alexandra will surprise you, she will be OUR rising star...



Two of my tracks have been air played in Belgium. My song "Brigter than the sun" and " That's amore".

Set List

My songs list: 1. Brighter than the sun (3:00)
2. That's amore(3:00)
3. Everytime I...(3:00)
4. My song to you(3:00)
5. Be with me tonight(3:00)

Typical covers repertoire: " I will survive", "fame", "I'm outta love", "Lady marmelade", "ain't no other man", "not that kind", "Black velvet", "total eclipse of the heart", "proud mary","simply the best"...ETC