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Alexandra Alexis

New York City, New York, United States | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Band Pop EDM


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"Hot Recap: Doe Fund Celebrity DJ Series"

The socialites, aspiring supermodels and LBDs were out in force Thursday night for the Doe Fund Celebrity DJ Series at the Angel Orensanz Foundation of the Arts. The event was a veritable nexus for attractive youths and fancy shoes, with attendees including The City’s drama-causing vixen Olivia Palermo, Project Runway (and TONY favorite) Christian Siriano and supermodel Gemma Ward. As for the celebrity DJs on the decks, we were pleased to hear they weren’t above looping the occasional Foreigner or Boyz II Men into their playlists.
The crowd was, on the whole, genetically well endowed, but the prizes for the evening’s most luminous attendees go to recording artist Alexandra Alexis and Def Jam recording artist Unique. Alexis’s Erin Featherston dress was the raddest, and she told us she was thrilled to hear her new single, “Break U” (from her forthcoming album, May Cause Shortness of Breath), being played at the party. Aww.
As for Unique, he had the coolest hair we’ve seen in awhile. We caught up with him before he took his turn at the DJ booth and asked what kind of shampoo he uses. “Oh, I don’t know,” he said. “Whatever is in my mom’s bathroom, I guess.” Um, okay. What about his reflective silver high tops? “These are from Barney’s. They make me feel like I’m walking on the moon.” MJ couldn’t have said it better.—Drew Toal

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"EXCLUSIVE Q & A: Alexandra Alexis–All Things Alexandra…"

On a recent Tuesday morning we sat down with budding recording artist Alexandra Alexis to discuss musically speaking–All Things Alexandra. If you are a New York City dweller and up on what’s hip and hot you may know her face. Ms. Alexis, a true city scenester may appear any number of places in any given week–an art opening, a fashion fete, an album release party in support of a fellow recording artist or anything else that strikes her fancy as both news worthy and fun. Despite her very busy schedule as of late ( one that includes photo shoots, rehearsals, and mandatory conferring with her publicist Martha Banks) Alexandra Alexis is right on time when it comes to getting in touch with her fan base. For those who are not yet fans we hope that our EXCLUSIVE will bring you a bit closer to ALL Things Alexandra….

What is the difference between this album and your first album?

AA: The new album is very pop influenced, so far it’s been compared to stuff like Lady Gaga meets Katy Perry, meets Gwen Stefani. The first album was very R&B influenced, I was listening to a lot of Cassie, Beyonce, Ciara… I don’t know for some reason that’s what felt really relevant at the time. I moved back to New York about a year and half ago and just istened to a mountain of different music0 Ilili… Madonna just came out with her new stuff. In Europe I also was exposed to a lot of pop music in general and I thought what would be different in the states…let’s just go PURE pop. I wasn’t seeing girls that looked like me tht sounde like me doing taht kind of music. I wanted to kind of so called break the boundary, yeah I’m half white half black but I want to do pop.

So what exactly is your ethnic background?

AA: My dad is from Guadeloupe an island in the Carribean. My mom is from Finland which is in Scandinavia. So I am half Finnish and half French because Guadalupe is a French owned island.

Are you a native New Yorker?

AA: Yes, I am American, born and raised in New York and I grew up on the Upper Westside, and nowI live in Soho.

So let’s go back a little bit…how did you get into singing?

AA: Well when I was 15 I hated school, I used to cut class to go to friends studios..with friends who were making beats and I’d sing on top of the beats. For some crazy reason my mom was like alright as long as you are doign “something” I ‘m not going to bust you. My mom would sign my sick notes and I”d play her the tracks at home…and she’d be like “that’s great” it’d be really funny. I did that for a couple of year s and eventually ended up finishing school overseas.

What was sparked your FIRST BREAK as a singer and what was the BIG BREAK?

AA: A friend of mine who was a dancer suggested I audition for a musical, Hairspray. I said sure you know it does not hurt to audition, they were having the auditions in Finland. The guy who was putting it together was Hungarian/Swedish Director George Malvias, and they said I could meet with them there ( in Finland) so I auditioned. Weeks went by didn’t hear anything back for 2 weeks, I was COMPLETELY depressed so I came back to New York and I got a call from them saying we’d like to see her again in Finland! I auditioned again..I sing…same thing, no reaction. I get a call the next day asking if I wanted to sign my life away etc., etc. for 2 years.. the job was mine.

So eventually you found your way back to New York, how did you get record deal, who are you with now as artist?

AA: I’m independent. My for album was out out through Grind Music and independent European/Asian label based in Cina. Now we’re actually in discussion with big labels. A thing about labels though…these days labels are not always the best option. I ‘ve seen people I love who I think are tremendously talented are being shelved ( Like Chrisette Michelle or Teyanna Taylor)-they’re doing amazing things and they’re waiting to release their next song or next album. I just feel like a major label is great for the exposure but you could really be waiting a long time before you get to (your work) out.

Anyone you’d like to work with as you go further and further in your career…

AA: MIA..her style is great, Kanye West..anyone whose really doing anything different would always be a good collaboration

So what’s the news isngle, new album and where an we expect to see you?

AA: The new single is called Break You (which I performed recently at Brooklyn Fashion Weekend), the album is called May Cause Shortness of Breath. I will be preforming in the New York City area in select venues around town shortly. - Uptown Magazine

"Alexandra Alexis: ‘May Cause Shortness of Breath.’ High Tea at Lady Mendl’s."

Pop star, icon, socialite, girl about town, fab persona, princess, or just spoiled glamour girl? All of the above, some of the above or just beyond it all? We sat down for high tea at our preferred Lady Mendl’s and got to the heart of it.

It’s approximately three o clock on a Monday afternoon and even before I have arrived for mid afternoon tea at Lady Mendl’s over at Grammercy Park, the impending girl of the moment Alexandra Alexis is sitting in the far corner marveling at the scene befalling in front of her- the silver ware, the plush chairs, the porcelain tea cups, the scent of ginger and honey wax burning. Almost caught off guard, she leaps into my arms and gives me one of those long luscious looks that would send most people to heaven.

For those uninitiated, Alexandra Alexis is one of those girls on the cusp of super stardom, and as much as one can say that, there are others, detractors or petty society who would deem this girl just too ‘faux,’ and a ‘wanna be.’ After reading about her latest castigation at the behest of the king of slander and petty grievances –‘Gawker,’ (her and best new pal-Adrien Field) Scallywag and co were inspired to find out what was really going on. A constant fixture on the party circuit, certainly by design, but a talent to reckon with? Let’s find out? MORE on website... - Scallywag and Vagabond

"Scenes from Jeremy Kost's "After the Party" Opening at Dactyl Foundation"

Downtown scensters, designers, and the gay hip set crowded around Polaroids and videos of white undy-clad boys at the Dactyl Foundation's opening reception for Jeremy Kost's "After the Party" on Tuesday. Prabal Gurung and Victor Glemaud chuckled over Red Bull vodkas while Heatherette designer Richie Rich flitted about, checking out the videos of Kost and that beautifully chiseled model destroying a stuffed lion. Also present were pop microstar Alexandra Alexis, Marc Jacobs squeeze Lorenzo Martone, and Will T. Jordon, who introduced himself as "Will from the Maritime Hotel..." All pondered the shots of sexy guys in various levels of undress (and stuffed animal mutilation) covering the walls. Kost, who was wearing gold Y-3's and a jacket by Ksubi, described his visual abstract narratives as "recalling childhood, a story of self-doubt and the destruction of beauty and identity, all with remorse," while cringing as his guests stomped all over the display of the reconstructed stuffed animals used in the shoots. - Paper Magazine


What I Can Do
Walk Away Break U Famous Warning



When Alexandra Alexis began her journey to stardom at age 15 in
Helsinki, Finland, she could have never guessed where her career
would take her. With a powerful voice that belies her age, Alexandra
is destined to be one of tomorrow's biggest names. Starting out
performing in clubs well before she was even old enough to drink,
she soon found herself working under the direction of producer DJ
Mobster and jetting to Asia to perform for audiences there. Within
just a few short years, Alexandra's unbridled ambition and passion
propelled her to become a household name in Finland where she
recently completed a year-long tour in the hit musical Hairspray. At
just 22, Alexandra has been the official warm up for acts such as
Nina Sky, Fatman Scoop, and Akon's new girl group Brick and Lace.
She has appeared on MTV Finland's production MTV Club Concert
Series, as well as both Finnish and American Idol and has opened
for Cassidy at Pipefest, a music festival attended by over 20,000. Not
content to rest on her already impressive laurels, Alexandra moved
back to New York, where she grew up with a French father and
Finnish mother, with plans on breaking into the American market
and becoming an international sensation. Since her relocation to
New York in 2008, Alexandra has been busy in the recording studio
and building a vast network of contacts. With an acute
understanding that communication is everything, she has never been
afraid to approach people and make them aware of her demos and
musical career. Alexandra is currently busy promoting her new single "Famous" around NYC hotspots such as Greenhouse,Kiss and Fly etc Alexandra will release her debut album ‘May Cause
Shortness of Breath’ in the spring of 2010.