Alexandra Bachelier
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Alexandra Bachelier

Miami, Florida, United States | INDIE

Miami, Florida, United States | INDIE
Band Pop EDM


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Atten Hut
All Night



“Some people breathe; I sing.”

With those five simple words, singer/songwriter Alexandra Bachelier sums up the essence of her life and love. Blessed with a multi-octave voice, born with a desire to perform, Alexandra onstage is fire and ice; in the studio, she’s passion and unbridled energy. And nowhere is this more obvious than in her upcoming new singles, “All Night” and “Atten Hut,” and its accompanying music videos, where Alexandra sings, dances, owns the stage and commands a presence.

Alexandra has partnered with hot new producers Mase, Di Marco, and DMS Entertainment, for her new project. All based in Miami and cognizant of its vibrant music scene, the pairings made perfect sense. DMS is on the cutting edge of stellar new talent, and Alexandra is a star on the cusp of international success. “They’ve given me everything I asked for,” she says of her colleagues, “and Mase has become an amazing friend and business partner. I appreciate everything he has done for me. We’ve all become like family.”

Since signing with DMS Entertainment, Alexandra has worked countless hours perfecting the songs for her new album, ALTER EGO. “I love the studio,” she says. “I wouldn’t want to do anything else. I was working sometimes from 10 a.m. until 4 a.m., and that’s fine. I’m so comfortable there. It’s second nature to me. Recording is such a rewarding experience — you start from scratch and you hear it as you go, all the way to the final production. I love being able to write, create and express myself.”

Alexandra discovered her talents at a young age. Her mother had a background in musical theater and television, and by age 3, Alexandra would “run around the house and sing opera.” Recognizing her potential, her mother enrolled her in ballet classes. Alexandra studied dance for 11 years, and while she was clearly gifted, her obsession with music and dance made her an outcast among the students at her public school. She was teased, bullied and even beaten up by jealous classmates … until a drama teacher believed in her enough to enroll her in a talent show. Once her peers heard her sing, suddenly their attitudes changed from rejection to respect. Alexandra had an audience, and she was on her way.

“I began looking for auditions and groups,” she says. “At 18 I left home for the first time to move to Los Angeles, against my family’s wishes. I had no experience. I was on my own, and it was a rude awakening about the realities of the music business. I just wanted to go home.”

She spent four years, on and off, in Los Angeles. During that time, she starred alongside Pussycat Doll, Nicole Scherzinger on the WB’s reality show Popstars 1, and made the finals of American Idol with Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini. “I’ve always known what I wanted, but I struggled with it for a long time because I wasn’t pleasing everyone around me,” says Alexandra. “I was going against the grain. I had to get to that place where I understood that I’m OK and that there’s nothing wrong with having a strong character and knowing what I want for myself. There was a period of nine months when I lived on Ramen noodles and only shopped at the Dollar Store, but I have not one regret. It all made me who I am today.”

Alexandra today is a powerful, independent, outspoken young woman with clear goals, a strong character and unbreakable drive. She has worked long and hard to hone her singing, songwriting and performance skills into a dynamic package. Influenced by everything from classic rock to hip-hop to country music, her sound is a remarkable blend of styles, but it never deviates from being uniquely Alexandra. “There’s a saying we have in Spanish, ‘un arroz con mango’ which translates into ‘rice and mango,’” she says. “It basically means things that go together, even though you didn’t think they would. That’s my music: I take elements of everything I love — a little soul, a little twang, old-school beats and guitar licks — and cook them all together!”

While her infectious rhythms and powerful voice are enough to draw listeners in immediately, Alexandra hopes that her music is more than that. “I’m not trying to be something I’m not,” she says. “I’m not a product that a record label created. I’ve already tried that; it didn’t work. I’m as real as I can get. I’m here to do music because it’s what I love. It’s my heart and soul, and if my music touches you — and I hope it does — I hope that by listening to it, you can learn from my experiences and that my songs will make a difference.”