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Aliso Viejo, California, United States

Aliso Viejo, California, United States
Band Christian Country


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"A New Face in Catholic and Christian Music"

A new face in Catholic and Christian Country music, Alexandra Celano brings a pleasing mix through her debut recording, I’m Overcome.

While the project is not groundbreaking, it is organic and very easy to listen to. It’s what I love best about Country music – a few simple instruments played well, great vocals and sweet harmonies, making for a wonderful listening experience.

The songwriting is tight, with catchy refrains and upbeat melodies. Inspiring songs with a personal praise and worship theme include “I’m Overcome” and gospel-tinged “Let the River Flow.” “In This Place” is a lovely invitation to worship in the House of God.

I particularly liked “You’re Good for Me,” a love song with a unique refrain: You’re good for me. / Every time I look into your eyes I see / My other half, the one that fits me perfectly, / So naturally, it’s you. / You’re good for me.”

Touching tributes to a beloved grandfather (“Grandpa”) and a dearly loved child who passed away (“Dancing Angel ‘Normita’”) bring just the right personal touch.

A Christmas-related bonus track is included entitled “A Child is Born.”

I’m Overcome is the perfect companion to your work day or drive or chores around the house. It’ll keep you inspired.
- Susan Bailey of GrapeVine (

"Review by David "Cat" Cohen"

Alexandra Celano’s long awaited debut CD “I’m Overcome” has finally been released. This fine collection of her eleven original songs of praise and gratitude blends Christian themes and Americana styling in a way sure to please audiences who appreciate spiritual uplifting messages and acoustic contemporary country-gospel-pop music. Alexandra’s rich heartfelt vocals express conviction and a confident smoothness that show she has truly found her voice and her message as well. Seamlessly produced by Ed Tree, “I’m Overcome” has a musical depth and variety within this niche, “My Father’s Hands” and “Grandpa” being standout cuts. If I had my own church, Celano would be on my short list of invited performers. Christian radio should soon be playing these tunes as they entertain and inspire from beginning to end.

- Veteran LA songwriting coach/songwriter, musician and author

"Skope Online Magazine ~ 5 Stars!"

This singer/songwriter from Southern California is bringing her highly spiritual & inspirational music to the forefront. Alexandra Celano blends a joyful mix of Christian, country, rock, pop and Americana to make up one uplifting sound. Celano invites you to come along on her celestial life journey. The eleven tracks on I’m Overcome captures the artists’ true essence as a human being on this earth.

This album focuses on a deep sense of faith and family along with a warmth of goodness that comes from the heart. Celano sings these songs in such a convincing manner where her voice is angelic and her words are gripping. As she bears her soul to us, it appears to be full of joy and happiness. What I hear on this recording is incredibly satisfying music that will soothe your soul. The overall tone is a very peaceful one where Alexandra appears to be calling out to the angels & the heavens. Her voice is lovely in pitch & tone, but powerful in the sense of mere presence. As I listen to this album, I am overcome with a heavy feeling of peace & well-being.

The record starts up with the title track, “I’m Overcome”, where you get a definite country feel along with an overwhelming sensation of goodness. Celano also supplies peacefully good lyrics to ease things out & make everything right. Song two, “I Will Go” goes in a pop/rock direction more so with soothing melodies and a subtle country vibe. “My Father’s Hands” gives you a soft ‘n’ tender touch while “Let the River Flow” is giving high praise. Track six, “You”, offers up a sweet sentiment while “More than a Man” is beautifully done and dedicated to the ultimate higher power known as Jesus Christ. The song, “Grandpa”, is such a tremendous & touching tribute that it is extremely momentous for all. The album ends with the pure innocence of a child being born as the miracle of life is captured & cherished.

Another pivotal figure toward the making of this album would be Ed Tree who produced, engineered & mixed 10 tracks along with handling much of the instrumentation. All lyrics belong to Alexandra except “In This Place” and “My Father’s Hands” co-written by none other than her husband, Bryan Celano. Key players come together to make something truly special here.

I can’t leave without mentioning the imagery on the covers of this album. You witness the glowing light of Alexandra Celano on the front with displays of ever-flowing water & flowers. This continues on the inside as well to give off a very serene, peaceful and holy visual sensation. The packaging is put together so well that you get such a great feeling right away from the tranquil scene brought to life.

I just hope that the world will rejoice as Alexandra becomes overcome with emotion and shines through you. I’d like to leave with some gracious words by Celano that really sum up her character and the character of this record: “I’m so grateful to God and his many angels for leading me on my musical journey. I’m truly overcome…” All there is left to say is God Bless and Amen. For more on Alexandra Celano and her spiritual journey known as I’m Overcome, SKOPE out

"Wildy’s World Reviews "I'm Overcome""

The OC’s Alexandra Celano is making her own dreams come true, with a long deferred recording and performance career starting to take off. Celano’s debut CD, I’m Overcome features a mix of Pop and Country song with spiritual themes revolving around family, love and faith. With an avid internet following and burgeoning radio play at Christian Internet radio stations as well as internet based Country stations, Celano is on the verge of something big. I’m Overcome expresses her wonder at all while keeping a focus on the spiritual side of life.

Celano takes Praise music back to the roots of Country and Gospel with the bluegrass flavored title track on I’m Overcome. Celano’s pleasant alto and country twang are nearly up-staged by the outstanding instrumental play that shows a nearly-classical respect for melody and structure. Celano confirms that twang-ridden alto on I Will Go, but surprises by effortlessly reaching for notes in her upper register and singing just as sweetly as down low. In This Place is contemplative old school Southern Gospel done up in gorgeous vocal harmonies and strings.

Celano mixes things up nicely on Let The River Flow using a rhythmic base and a gospel style small vocal ensemble to fill out the sound. The song itself sticks with the highly polished and gentle feel that pervades I’m Overcome, but it works in this context. You is a prayer of thanks and praise that’s sweet and well done but could use just a touch more energy from a performance standpoint. Celano does a character sketch in Grandpa that will hit home for anyone who’s ever lost a beloved grandparent or parent. Celano drops a sweet love song in You’re Good For Me that’s destined to be a mix-tape and perhaps even a wedding song. More Than A Man is an ode to Jesus based on the Christian belief in Salvation through the Crucifixion. Celano moves on to the sweet Dancing Angel before launching into the closing number, A Child Is Born.

Alexandra Celano fills up her songs with faith and a quiet grace that’s missing from most modern praise music. This is definitely “Easy Listening” Contemporary Christian Music, lacking any real edge or modern touch but sounding a lot like the classic Country/Gospel albums of the 1970’s from folks like Christy Lane and Anne Murray. I suspect I’m Overcome will be most popular with folks who still remember such artists fondly, but the album is well done.
- Wildy’s World

"Rated 8.2 out of 10!!!"

Alexandra Celano is a native of Southern California, growing up in a close-knit family with deep-rooted faith. She spent much of her youth performing in school choirs, talent shows and taking piano, guitar and vocal lessons.

When Alexandra first started working on her debut release, I’m Overcome, it was going to be a mainstream country-pop album with secular based songs, but as she worked on her faith pulled her in a new direction with most of the songs now having a spiritual meaning that she hopes will still appeal to both Christian and non-Christians. All of the songs found on I’m Overcome were written by Alexandra except for “In this Place” and “My Father’s Hands” that were co-written with her husband Bryan Celano. Ed Tree produced the release except for the track, “A Child is Born” that Bryan Celano produced.

This release gets started on a fast note with the up-tempo Americana title track, “I’m Overcome.” The song is filled with lots of fiddle and mandolin instrumentation that accompany Celano’s vocals.

The song was one of my favorites off of the release and right from the start lets Alexandra’s vocal talents shine brightly. The song talks about not understanding everything that’s happening in your life but that’s okay because you know that God has the big picture view in mind and that in the end it will all workout for the best.

After the first track the release switches gears and goes for a country style on, “I Will Go.” Track-3, “In This Place,” offers up a vocal harmony filled country gospel ballad.

The rest of the tracks fall more into a contemporary, singer songwriter style of music. Stand out tracks include, “Let the River Flow” that’s filled with group vocals and African drum parts. This song has a nice world sound as it talks about rejoicing in your blessings and being willing to go wherever and whenever you’re called to reach out to others.

Track-7, “Grandpa,” gets the tug-at-your-heartstrings award. The song is a loving tribute ballad to Alexandra’s grandfather who had a big part in influencing her life, especially her faith.

Track-10 “Dancing Angel - Normita,” is a melodic track that was written about a young family friend who was killed tragically by a drunk driver. The song talks about missing her but knowing that she’s in heaven and that they’ll get the chance to see her again there.

The release ends with the bonus holiday track, “A Child is Born.” The song is about the glorious birth of the world’s Savior Jesus.

When Alexandra was asked about her music she said, “Whether I’m hearing from people who have heard my songs on MySpace and the radio or feeling the intimate connection with audiences in the live setting, I love just knowing that my music is finally out there and having an impact on listeners. For so long, it was just me and my music and a dream to touch people’s lives with it, and I can truly say I’m Overcome with joy that these exciting new opportunities have come my way.”

I’m sure that Alexandra will be hearing from a lot of people as more and more get the opportunity to listen to her very well done and spiritually gifted debut release, I’m Overcome.

Rating: 8.2 out of 10
By C.W. Ross
- CD Reviewer / Christian Rocker's Online



The life and music of Christian singer-songwriter ALEXANDRA CELANO is a study in contrasts. While the back and forth between Christianity and bluegrass music is no real surprise to anyone, it is indeed rare to hear such music from a decidedly Catholic perspective. CELANO’s brand of bluegrass is heartfelt and doesn’t come across as if it were the result of years of study which is strange when you consider that she is based in Orange County, California. Produced by Americana veteran ED TREE (SPENCER DAVIS, RITA COOLIDGE, AL STEWART), CELANO’s debut CD ‘I’M OVERCOME’ is a revelation. CELANO wears her faith on her sleeve with songs such as LET THE RIVER FLOW, MY FATHER’S HANDS and IN THIS PLACE and demonstrates an unabashed earnestness on the title track where the comparison to DOLLY PARTON is simply to glaring to be ignored.

ROCKWIRED spoke with ALEXANDRA CELANO over the phone. Here is how it went.

Your bluegrass sound tends to run in the opposite direction of your surroundings in Orange County California.
You’re absolutely right. I’ve always had a country sound to my voice and my style of singing. I don’t know exactly where it came from because growing up I didn’t listen to country music.

What did you listen to?
I grew up listening to whatever it was that my parents were listening to like ELTON JOHN, BILLY JOEL, THE EAGLES and a lot of the classic rock of the seventies. None of that was Country. Eventually I started listening to “crossover” country. I can’t think of when that was – when MARTINA MCBRIDE came out with VALENTINE and SHANIA TWAIN had her stuff coming out.

That was the late nineties.
That was my first exposure to Country music but I already sang that way. That is what is funny to me. When I was young, I was not one of those performing kids that stands in front of everyone and sings, but when I was very young - like in second grade - I did go around telling everyone that I “sing like a woman”. Then I would break into singing LIKE A RHINESTONE COWBOY – So I did hear that one growing up.

So did I. When I was in kindergarten, we had t do a dance to it.
I see. When I decided that I wanted to pursue music I had chosen to do roots music. For years I had put music on hold. I knew that I could sing but I kind of put it on the backburner and I focused on going to school. I got my Psychology Major at UCLA and then I got my Master’s in Public Health from UCLA as well. I was all about education and getting a good job and then I had decided that I wanted to be a singer. That was probably about ten or twelve years ago and then I wasn’t sure what I was going to do exactly. I was not writing my own music at this time. I was singing at weddings and things like that and doing cover material. Eventually, I did a demo and I was singing songs by SHANIA TWAIN, MARTINA MCBRIDE and FAITH HILL. As I grew spiritually – and I have always been a spiritual person and came from a very Roman Catholic family- I started doing songwriting classes at UCLA – EXTENSION with DAVID "CAT" COHEN. I started doing Country-Pop stuff which is what I thought that I was going to do and it just morphed into Christian material and that is what came flowing out of me naturally and it still does to this day. I had a handful of secular music that I had written but I stopped because doing this kind of Christian music felt like such a natural progression for me. I used to keep music on the back burner for the sake of a career and education but then I reached a point to where I couldn’t push it back anymore.

Now, with all of the work behind you and after having studied songwriting at UCLA EXTENSION under DAVID "CAT" COHEN and the album out there for everyone to hear, how do you feel about the finished work?
I’m thrilled. It turned into more than I had ever expected. I am most touched by how it is touching other people and their reaction to it. It took a long time. It took me about six years just because life kind of got in the way. Music was a part time deal that was sandwiched between my work life and my personal life. On this album, I’ve got tracks that go all the way back to 2002 and I’ve got songs that were written within this last year. After six years, it was getting difficult to wait. I was getting very impatient but when all is said and done, it was worth the wait. It wouldn’t have been the album that it is today. I wouldn’t have had the maturity or the life experience that made these songs what they are. I finished it at the right time and I do believe that as much as we try to plan things ourselves, it is ultimately up to God. The biggest satisfaction was that my grandfather really wanted this album. He wanted me to finish it. He was my biggest fan and he was always on my case about when the CD was going to be done. When I finished it, he was the first person to hear the final master. He enjoyed it for five weeks and then he died. I wrote the song GRANDPA for him on his eighty-fourth birthday. He mailed copies of the album to all of our relatives back east and on the day that he mailed the copies out was the day that he was unexpectedly rushed to the hospital. All of the relatives received the CD the day after he died. It was his final parting gift to everyone.

Talk about who you worked with in terms of production.
ED TREE is a fabulous producer, musician and engineer based out of San Gabriel. He is a well established musician in his own right and works with really talented studio musicians. He has produced a lot of Americana and Country acts. When I was looking for a producer in the early part of the decade, he was one of two names that people recommended. We have been friends ever since. He pulled in wonderful talent to back me on the album. He played all of the guitars. On the song MY FATHER’S HANDS, there are twelve guitar tracks. He played all of them. My husband BRYAN CELANO produced and did most of the arrangement for the bonus track A CHILD IS BORN but ED is the man behind the production of the sound of the album.

What was it like working with him?
It was great. He is also a songwriter himself and if I asked, he always had great input. I was always very comfortable with him. I would go to him with a melody and a lyric. I write my music acapella and not with an instrument. So when a melody and a lyric come to me, I always carry a recorder around. Wherever I am, I’ve got something to record with. Once I had something I would take it to ED and describe the accompaniment that I imagined for the piece. He would really create the sound around the idea that I had. In other situations my husband and I would do more pre-production at home. We’d go in with something that was more structured and “further along”.

The fact that you write song vocally as opposed to writing with an instrument is interesting to me. Can you read music at all?
Yes. I grew up playing piano and learned to read music, but not playing based on theory or by ear. I had also been in various choirs throughout my life. On one hand I’m not limited by not using an instrument but on the other hand, I am limited in terms of getting certain songs to have a particular groove. The song I’M OVERCOME is one of the more uptempo songs and it is exactly as I heard it. I felt that one instantly. At the moment, I’ve got enough material for a new album or two. What I’m trying to do now is start things off with a groove and with that – hopefully we can get around to composing more uptempo songs.

How easy or difficult is it to have your husband as a musical partner as well.
It’s a really good fit because he is a well-trained musician. He is a drummer but he can play a little bit of everything. He is a sound designer by trade so his primary sense is through his ears. I think of him as my musical director. Even when we are doing rehearsals, he is just really good at guiding and directing all of the musicians no matter what they are playing. He has a good ear for song craft and does a lot of the technical stuff for me. We’ve got a studio at home. As a matter of fact, A CHILD IS BORN was recorded at home. A few of instruments were even recorded cross-country. He is very good in terms engineering. It’s a good balance. He went out and got me the digital recorder and said “Use this!”

You’ve got this bluegrass sound that is sort of cross-pollinated with this Catholic faith. How easy is that to sell?
It all depends on where I am. I do a lot of non-denominational Christian venues. My Church is the Catholic Church and I look at my music as having a broader Christian base. In terms of Country music and Christianity, there is a lot of crossover there, but there isn’t so much when it comes to Catholicism and Country. There is a Catholic shout-out in I’M OVERCOME. In the first verse I sing “I prayed your mysteries” which is a reference to the rosary

Catholic rockers – I could name hundred.
Yeah it’s interesting. I’m just going out there with the Holy Spirit guiding me so I’m not trying to fit into anybody’s expectations. Before, I was trying to figure out what the venue was that I was going to be singing for and I was trying to fit into other people’s molds of what they needed. Now I’m only interested in being my true authentic self.

You sound as if the question makes you uncomfortable.
Not at all. It is a very unique genre of music that I’m in and to be living in Orange County.

-Which is largely non-denominational.
I've met so many people in Orange County that were tied to so many churches and getting to know them has opened up so many doors and has helped my spirituality blossom even further. I’m of the mentality that Catholic is Christian. I work at a Presbyterian hospital and I’m often singing in their chapel. I just did a concert there last Tuesday where I sang every song on my album. It’s strange that I work at HOAG HOSPITAL and it has become this great musical outlet for me and had become close with the pastoral services department there. It’s interesting to me.

Since the day you decided that you were going to pursue this unpredictable career, what has surprised you the most? What didn’t you expect?
All of the hard work that goes into the album after you’ve finished recording everything. I finished the album and that was only the tip of the iceberg for all of the other work that is left to do. As an independent recording artist, there is so much to do. It’s a full time job and because of that I’ve been working these tremendous hours at my day job and spending tremendous hours with every other moment that I have trying to promote the album, get the band together, get all of my songs copywritten, set up my own publishing company and getting all of my music transferred to sheet music. There are so many business aspects to this and I’m involved in every detail of it. It’s kind of all consuming.

What would you like someone to come away with after they’ve heard this album?
I would want people to come away feeling joyful, at peace and full of gratitude. The message of the CD is about being overcome by God’s blessings. Even in the midst of difficult times, He is always there.

"FAME Review ~ "I'm Overcome""

I’m Overcome is unapologetically Christian country with a healthy dose of bluegrass but also mainstream strains: My Father’s Hands and Let the River Flow, the latter of which is Joni Mitchell-esque a la Black Crow but a good deal more upbeat. Alexandra Celano sings with verve and authority within a sometimes Dolly Parton-esque timber, making for a CD that’s going to appeal to more than one genre. Somewhat like the great discs coming out of the pristine Pinecastle label, this is a spotless evocation of traditional and latterday spiritual music bridging gaps and leaping over boundaries. She also possesses a very attractive arrangement sense.

At the encouragement of her husband Bryan, she adopted this tack, and it was a consummate move, nor was the selection of Ed Tree as producer and player a mistake. Having worked with Al Stewart, Rita Coolidge, Spencer Davis, and other notables, he knows from melody and talent, lending his discretion to a well-realized project. The guy can play an enticing fretboard or set of keys but also knows his way around a soundboard, engineering and mixing the entirety. The intent was to appeal to Christian and non-Christian alike, and, at that, succeeds very well indeed. One can’t help but lend an ear to the sonorousness of the music and earnestness of the lyrics.

Celano’s voice is a skylark floating from cut to cut, well-trained and positive, strong where strength is needed, tender in sympathies, hopeful in humanity and spirit. Don’t for a moment imagine some of the clunky churchgoing affairs you’ve heard elsewhere, I’m Overcome is fresh while observant of the decorousness necessary to the effort. It won’t much matter if you’re as devout as Celano or as irreligious as I am, you’re going to like this CD.

Written by: David N. Pyles, FAME Editor

This review can be found at the Folk and Acoustic Musician Exchange
- The Folk and Acoustic Musician Exchange (FAME)

"Music Emissions reviews "I'm Overcome""

Most genres have an open door policy, even if you suck, if its creative, it will probably be listened to. Though some may argue with me, I’m almost certain Country and associating genre have a different bar set. Let’s find out if Alexandra Celano meets the bar on I’m Overcome. While I personally find the Orange County California singer songwriter to have taste. It’s in a sound I can’t quite grasp onto, too constant of a mellow mood. Don’t get me wrong, she mixes the songs tempo from time to time, for instance on “Let The River Flow”. A backbone is created with percussion to begin, the rhythms are quicker and more profound.

A bit like Billy Joel meets Dolores O’Riordan (The Cranberries), of course, this like many of the songs shows a strong commitment lyrically to her christianity. “You’re Good For Me” is another track that steps up the beat, more like a Adult Contemporary radio rock song. The title track has the most banded spirit, with various vocalists used to build a 3D sound. More Country and Folk than anything, Celano has a confidence in her voice that can’t be mistaken. Slower recordings like “You”, and “Grandpa” are more for boasting of emotion.

While I dislike comparing these two, cause Celano has quite obviously been singing longer than (Carrie) Underwood, something about “My Father’s Hand’s” reminds me of an Underwood song or two. Almost like a production key, that slow build and long soaring vocal explosion on soft instrumentation. Not sure how else to explain it, but the questions is…does Celano meet that bar Country or Folk may set in front of her? Absolutely…

Review written by: Brian Rutherford, Music Emissions
This review can be found at the Music Emissions website
- Music Emissions

"NeuFutur Magazine Review of "I'm Overcome""

Christian music has always been a part of my post-youth life. I was
first introduced to the music of the Newsboys back in about 2000, and
ever since then, I’ve been attempting to find the best and brightest in
the genre. Alexandra Celano’s 2009 release “I’m Overcome” came to us
just a few days ago, and I have to say that it may just be the best
Christian album of this year.

This is due to the fact that Celano is able to touch upon all the
distinct twists and turns that the genre has taken over the course of
the last twenty years, while adding a number of different stylistic
flavors from secular music to make for something stellar. The disc’s
introductory track, “I’m Overcome”, feels as if Amy Grant and Dolly
Parton had a meeting of the minds, while the instrumentation uses
country, sixties pop, and even hair metal for fonts of inspiration. “In
This Place” showcases the vocal acumen of Celano, using little more than
her harmonies to make for a song that is hauntingly brilliant. During
this track, shades of sixties pop hobnob with a much more rich Americana
tradition, ensuring that all will enjoy the track.

“My Father’s Hands” shows the consistency of Celano’s ability, while the
instrumentation rises and swells to provide the perfect support to the
vocal component of “I’m Overcome”. “More Than A Man” shows that Celano
does not falter at the later reaches of the album, with a
deliberately-paced track that showcases Celano’s narrative ability. “I’m
Overcome” is one of the best Christian albums of the year because it
simply puts out a way for listeners to find the glory of God, without
all of the glitz and unnecessary flash that has invaded the Christian
scene of the last few years. Each of the 11 tracks on the album is
glorious, and I feel that the Christian faith will be further bolstered
any time Celano chooses to let her feelings and thoughts be captured on
this media.

Top Tracks: I’m Overcome, In This Place

You can find this review by James McQuiston, Editor of NeuFutur magazine and ezine at
- NeuFutur Magazine


Album: I'm Overcome
1) I'm Overcome
2) I Will Go
3) In This Place
4) My Father's Hands
5) Let the River Flow
6) You
7) Grandpa
8) You're Good for Me
9) More Than a Man
10) Dancing Angel



In this crazy modern world where life moves at breakneck speed and a constant array of distractions threatens to pull us away from the things that truly matter, it’s a rare gift to find an emerging singer/songwriter who finds a magical moment in the madness to look around, give thanks and boldly declare, to quote the title of Alexandra Celano’s stirring debut, I’m Overcome. Whether fans connect with her deep faith in the divine or simply enjoy her exuberant country/Americana pop/rock from a secular perspective, they’re bound to be moved and inspired by the infectious vibe and soulful energy she brings to the 11 tracks that truly take listeners on the journey of her life.

Helping the Orange County, California based Celano realize her vision—and longtime deferred dream of being a recording artist—is Ed Tree, who has produced over 70 indie projects in the Americana, AAA, Blues, Folk and Country genres and recorded or toured with Spencer Davis, Rita Coolidge, Juice Newton, and Al Stewart. Tree’s credits include two Corey Stevens sets that hit the top five on Billboard’s Blues Chart, a #1 on the European charts with Lisa O’Kane and acclaimed discs by Brad Colerick and David Serby. Celano’s husband Bryan produced the holiday themed bonus track “A Child Is Born” and co-wrote two of the album’s songs, including “In This Place,” a beautiful, harmony driven ballad composed for a new chapel dedication at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach.

As Celano builds her fan base from the ground up starting with regional events and festivals, several tracks from I’m Overcome are gaining momentum on numerous Christian and country internet and terrestrial stations. Spiritco1 is spinning her heart-tugging tribute ballad to her “Grandpa,” the beautiful and worshipful “More Than A Man” and the percussive and rootsy, gospel flavored “Let The River Flow.” Christianmixinet is playing “More Than A Man” and the soaring, guitar driven “My Father’s Hands.” The singer is also spreading her infectious charms to Europe, where a hip Netherlands based country music program called the “Saloon” ( and Celtic Roots Radio—an Ireland based folk/bluegrass station—is on top of the mid tempo fiddle laced title track whose joyful exultation sets the tone for the album.

She likes to call “I’m Overcome”—which is also currently receiving airplay on several local stations –her “toe tapper,” while “Let the River Flow” is the hand-clapper. When she performs live, one of the songs that seems to resonate the most is “Grandpa” because it taps into everyone’s love for that special relationship with someone in the family who taught them so many important things. Another poignant piece is “Dancing Angel,” which she wrote about a young family friend who was tragically killed by a drunk driver.

“As long as this album took me to make, I am 200 percent happy with the final product, which is an honest and genuine representation of my spirit and essence as a person and artist,” says Celano, who writes all her songs a capella before working with different musicians who help flesh out the chords. “Wherever you’re coming from on the spiritual spectrum, I believe you can appreciate its positive messages and the emotions that inspired me to write and sing them. The ironic part of the country vibe is that I didn’t grow up listening to country music, yet it’s just the natural way music emerges from me. I became a big fan of crossover country in the 90s, when artists like Martina McBride first came out, and that vibe just clicked for me and felt comfortable.”

A Southern California native, Celano grew up in a close-knit family with deep rooted faith and spent her childhood participating in school choirs and talent shows while taking piano, guitar and vocal lessons. Alexandra’s musical journey continued as she explored the Los Angeles music scene where she honed her skills as a demo/studio singer, sang with some local bands and performed in vocal showcases. She discovered her love for songwriting when she studied with veteran songwriting coach David “Cat” Cohen at UCLA Extension, and she later set out to write and record a mainstream country-pop album. As she began working on the project, she increasingly found herself pulling away from purely secular themes and drawing from her spiritual life as her musical foundation. When she met her musician husband Bryan, he encouraged her process of fusing those natural country/Americana inclinations with lyrics that could inspire both Christians and non-Christians alike.

“Whether I’m hearing from people who have heard my songs on myspace and the radio or feeling the intimate connection with audiences in the live setting, I love just knowing that my music is finally out there and having an impact on listeners. For so long, it was just me and my music and a dream to touch people’s lives with it, and I can truly say I’m Overcome with joy that these exciting new opportunities have come my way.”