Alexandra Day

Alexandra Day


Alexandra Day is Fiona but sweeter, Norah but grittier, and Ella but younger. Self-accompanied on piano or guitar, or with a whole band behind her, her purehearted honesty runs up against her worldly understanding in compositions that raise the bar in terms of lyrics and songwriting.


After thirteen years of piano study, four years earning a classical voice degree, three years singing pop covers in a party band, and two years studying and performing jazz, Alexandra Day has returned to her first love: performing her original music. You can hear the different places she’s been, in a balanced counterpoint passage, in a bluesy chord sequence, in her vocal flexibility. You can also hear the influences of singer-songwriters that she admires, such as Fiona Apple, Jeff Buckley, Joni Mitchell, and Patty Griffin. She has just recorded her first CD, entitled One Glance. She is promoting it locally in Philadelphia, and preparing to reach out to a broader audience. Contact her at


Killing Time

Written By: Alexandra Day

Seems that darling you and I
are just killing time
Waiting for nothing and no one
Just abandoned houses and seas of eyes
Don’t say “I love you, baby,”
Just show me your soul
And I’ll show you mine

I Want You To Be My Love

Written By: Alexandra Day

Sometimes I feel like
I just don’t know you anymore
If I ever did if I ever even did
Sometimes I think I can’t say
One word to you anymore
But I want you to be my love

I don’t wanna fight
I don’t wanna lose this night
To loneliness and anger
I don’t wanna talk until it’s okay again
But I want you to be my love

Lately I’ve been keeping one eye
on the door
But I’m afraid it’s too late to make a break for it
Lately I’ve been up to my crown in thorns
But I want you to be my love

Under the Highway

Written By: Alexandra Day

Play me a song on your broken guitar
And we’ll dance to the sounds of the train
You hold my waist and you stare into space
How did we end up here again?

Under the bridge, under the highway
Important people flying above
So this is the life I’ve always wanted
So yours is the look of true love

You say darling please,
Get up off of your knees
You know that’s unflattering,
Why would you pray?
Keep time with me, forget about the sea
Get used to what you see here
You can’t escape


One Glance EP, released in November 2006

Set List

A typical set list includes mostly original songs, with a few covers thrown in. Those few covers may be songs by Patty Griffin, Jeff Buckley, Joni Mitchell, or any other artist whose song will fit the mood. Set lengths are up for negotiation, depending on what the venue prefers, from a short 3-4 song showcase to a full-blown 1-2 hour experience.