Alexandra Delgado

Alexandra Delgado

 Montréal, Quebec, CAN

SINGER : soulful - spirited - sulky ; SONGWRITER : sun-soaked - sentimental - cynical



Alexandra Delgado will be interviewed in Spanish May 28 on Radio Centre-Ville 102,3 FM Montreal - see calendar

Entrevue en espagnol mercredi le 28 mai à 21:40 à Radio Centre-ville 102,3 FM. cliquez sur "calendar"

Une biographie en français se trouve plus bas sur la page.

A unique mix of world music, electro-lounge and jazz best describe the music of this singer/songwriter. Combined with her warm tone of voice and off beat lyrics you have an original artist who has gained the respect of the music industry. Her song Salsa Beat was awarded at the Billboard World Song Contest in the Latin song category. Sentimental Idiot received her an Honor Award at the Great American Song Contest.

As a performer Alexandra Delgado has been invited to important festivals such as the Francofolies, Image+Nation and DiversCité. She can also been heard regularly on the local scene where she sings in English, French and Spanish.

The artist is a frequent guest on radio stations. She enjoys airplay across North America including Mexico and the Virgin Islands and as far away as Macedonia.

Alexandra Delgado also enjoys collaborating with other musicians in various styles. Be it rap, electronica, latin etc. She is also involved in an original pop/electro project called Alexandra and the Herrings

Poetry is also a part of her artistic universe. She is the author of “Quince Relatos de un Amor Desesperado”. She is invited to read excerpts at public readings.

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Un mélange sophistiqué de musique du monde, jazz et electro-lounge décrit bien la musique de cette auteure/compositeure/interprète. Avec son ton de voix chaleureux et ses paroles décapantes elle s’est fait remarquée par l’industrie de la musique. Elle a d’ailleurs gagné un prix Billboard pour sa chanson Salsa Beat dans la catégorie musique latine et un prix du Great American Song Contest pour Sentimental Idiot.

Alexandra Delgado a été invitée à des festivals importants tels que les Francofolies de Montréal, Image+Nation et DiversCité. Elle se présente régulièrement sur la scène local où on peut l’entendre chanter en anglais, français et espagnol.

L’artiste est souvent invitée à la radio. Elle est jouée à travers l’Amérique du nord dont le Mexique et les Iles Vierges et aussi loin que la Macédoine.

Alexandra Delgado se fait un plaisir de collaborer avec d’autres musiciens dans divers styles : rap, electronique, latin etc. Elle est également impliquée dans le projet electro/pop Alexandra and the Herrings.

La poésie fait aussi partie de son univers artistique. Elle est l’auteur de “Quince Relatos de un Amor Desesperado”. Elle est invitée à des lectures publiques.

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Written By: Alexandra Delgado

Inde-, indeci-, inde-, indecision
Inde-, indeci-, inde-, indecision

In indecision there is, there is decision.
There also, also, also is incision.

It starts as soon as I wake up
about my first cup.
Should it be tea, should it be coffee?

Inde-, indeci-, inde-, indecision

It hardly stops there
I have to think about my hair
and worse what,
what should I wear?

In indecision there is, there is decision.
There also, also, also is incision.

If I wear these pants my thighs will look too fat.
If I wear, wear this skirt my butt, it will stick out.

Uh torment, pain and stress
I know my hair will still remain a
and I’m not, not even dressed.

Too ma-, too many decisions
will give me a concu-, will give me a concussion.

Inde-, indeci,-inde-, indecision
Inde-, indeci-, inde-, indeci-inde, indecision

Ah paralysing choices
taunting me with evil voices
preventing me from picking between a or b.

Now I know the answer was, the answer was c or maybe, maybe was it d?

Inde-, indeci-, inde-, you know the rest.

Torment, stress and pain
as I’m trying to choose in vain
should I take the bus to work or instead take the train?

Uh pain and stress and torment
attacking me while I look dormant
impeding me from getting out of bed.

In indecision there only is indecision.
How to decide when this complaining should end?

In indecision there is no, no indecision.
When will it end indeci-, inde-...

Sentimental Idiot

Written By: Alexandra Delgado

D’you feel you’re in a junkyard, the antique shop from hell.
Welcome to my home, you can browse all you want
but I’ve nothing to sell.

I see the worry in your eyes, the look of dismay.
I know why though I’m kind of ashamed
but I might as well say.
Oh God.

I’m a sentimental idiot. I keep and save
all the stupid junk and little bits that come in his name.
Strands of hair, shirts he’d wear, a bicycle lock.
It’s so pathetic I can’t throw out his dirty old sock.

It’s like being in an anti-museum.You can touch anything.
If you break things too well I’ll thank you cause
that’s what I need.

I’ve heard it’s some disorder. Could be in my genes.
It’s getting so bad I can’t find my own bed.
Must find the means to change.
Help me.

I’m a sentimental idiot.That part you know.
Haven’t made much progress and it shows.
Now’s the time. Take control. It’s a must.
Gonna join Sentimental Idiots Anonymous.

Have to flush those photographs.
Rip those letters in half.
I’m about to scream
cause I can’t get rid of his shaving cream.

I’m a sentimental idiot. Can’t seem to change.
I would like to get rid of it. This stuff is a pain.
Now joke, I’ve got one true wish :
to grill his stinking goldfish.

I’m a mental, sentimental, fundamental idiot.
Detrimental to my health.
I’m gonna be sick.


"Alexandra Delgado"- produced by Sari Dajani
available at and

"Natural" - MP3 - electro-lounge Spanish song co-written with Alain L. Simard of
Available on artist : Alexandra Delgado

"FSM3 - Future Sound of Montreal vol.3"
Alexandra Delgado raps in Spanish on the song "Burning Heart" by National Fred

"Psychotropical Invasion"
Alexandra Delgado sings back-ups on the song "Me Llevas Adentro"

Alexandra Delgado can be heard and requested at these radios stations :
Montreal - MIX 96 95,9 FM on the Lounge King Show ; CKUT 90,3 FM ; CIBL 101,3 FM ; CINQ FM 102,3 FM
Lanaudière, Qc. - CJLM 103,5 FM
Waterloo - CKMS FM

MACEDONIA - 94.1 FM Radio 2 Skopje, Macedonia
Mojo Alt Fridays 10PM-12PM ; Producer & Host: Vasja Ivanovski

Ibero Radio 90.9FM Mexico City

Alaska, Haines KHNS ; Georgia, Valdosta WVVS 90.9 FM ; Iowa, Sioux CIty KGLI ; Kentucky, Whitesburg - WIFX ; Louisiana, Lagniappe - Lagniappe Broadcast News ; Minnesota, Saint Paul KFAI ; Missouri, Greenville WIQQ ; New York, Rochester - WDYN, Syracuse WAER ; Washington, Tacoma- KVTI

St. Croix WVIQ


Set List

A typical show consists of two 45 min. sets.
Alexandra Delgado brings the hall to life with claves, sagats and shakers.

Alexandra performs mostly original songs in English, Spanish and French. Her covers include Besame Mucho and Clandestino by Manu Chao

Original songs include :
Sentimental Idiot
Salsa Beat
Y A Gozar
Quand tu t'en vas
Singing Away
Are You Listening?
Mind Games