Alexandra Rouits

Alexandra Rouits



Full Name: Alexandra Rouits
Birthday: December 04th
Resides: Dreux, France
Height: 5' 4"
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue/Green
Voice Type: Soprano
Membership / Affiliation : SACEM (France's Society of Authors, Composers and Music Publishers)


"She has a lovely voice"
-Seth Riggs
(Vocal coach of 120 Grammy Winners)

"Alexandra has a real talent to make background vocals and her voice can be blended harmoniously with other voices"
-Jasmine Roy
(Vocal coach of "Star Academy", "A la recherche de la Nouvelle star" French Tv shows...)

"She has a beautiful voice"
(Vocal coach of Speech Level Singing Method and for "Popstars 3" TV Show, Renaud (Universal Music)…)

"Her harmony on “Smile” is good!"
- Michael Jackson
(SONY/BMG Music)

"How does she do that? That's very good!"
-Tito Jackson
(The Jacksons - SONY/BMG Music)

"She has a great voice"
-Taj Jackson
(3T – SONY/BMG Music)


Born and raised in France, Alexandra grew up in a family of artists. Her mother was a music and piano teacher. Other members of her family include a professional tap dancer, orchestra conductors and musicians. She enters into the world of music, a world which will be part of her forever. She studied dance for five years, then music with her first instrument, the flute. Naturally, she began to sing in St. Eve's Children's Choral. It was with the Choral that she recorded a CD entitled Chantez l’Amour produced by Michel Renard (one of the lyricists for Johnny Hallyday (Warner Music)) and released by CBS Records France, for the Emmaus Foundation of Abbé Pierre (Abbot Pierre). Through the promotion of this CD, she made numerous appearances on Prime Time TV shows, met several well-known French artists such as Veronique Sanson, Catherine Lara, and Francis Cabrel. She describes this period as a time of wonder: "I was discovering a new world, a world which filled me with energy and excitement."

Continuing her rise, she joined the Conservatory of Music, Dance and Drama in Le Mans (France) where she took singing lessons. She had numerous successful auditions in France, and performed on stage in "The Colporter" and "Cabaret” etc. In addition, she had solo roles in "Porgy and Bess” and "The Phantom of The Opera". A perfectionist to the soul, she has been a member of many vocal groups and has devoted her time to training her voice to blend with other singers and styles of music. Alexandra met Taj, Tito and Michael Jackson, who were surprised by the impressive quality of her work. Touched by her voice, Seth Riggs (vocal coach of 120 Grammy Winners) advised her to learn his method, "Speech Level Singing," from Miroslava (vocal coach for "Popstars 3" TV Show, Renaud (Universal Music)...). She also took singing lessons with Jasmine Roy (vocal coach on "Star Academy," "Popstars," as well as other TV shows…) on the advice of Richard Cross (vocal coach for "Popstars" TV show, Annie Lennox…).

The positive feedback from various professionals is unanimous: "Alexandra has been gifted with charisma and the ability and talent to create amazing background vocals." She sings with a lovely voice that is soft and soothing, clear and touching. She pours her sensitivity and emotion into her work. Her voice resonates with people on all different levels.

Although Alexandra is very involved musically, she also develops her skills. Passionate about song writing, musical arrangement, production and conception, and management of projects, she collaborates with lyricists, songwriters, and producers of pop, r&b, and rock music from USA, France, Russia etc.

A generous and committed artist, she, along with people from twenty-one countries, created a song (and a video) for the American singer Anastacia (Universal Music) in order to lend her support in the fight against breast cancer. She worked as the conceptor, Manager, A&R Director, co-producer and Executive producer of this project.

Alexandra supports and advises artists in various countries in Europe but also in the United States. She has developed a network of talented artists who work with Universal Publishing, EMI Music Publishing, Sony ATV Publishing, Capitol Records, among others. She continues to work on projects and with new collaborations (DJ’s, remixers etc), discovering new talent and the next hits, and also works on the promotion and development of artists as well as the creation of new concepts in the field of music and entertainment.


-"Chantez l'Amour", l'Abbé Pierre et le Coeur de Dreux, CBS Records France. (as vocalist)
- "Miss You" (as composer/executive producer)
- "Human Nature" (as composer/producer)
- "Heartbeats" (as composer/producer)

Set List


1. Yesterday A cappella


5. Human Nature (sample)
6. Miss You (sample)
7. Heartbeats (sample)