Alexandra Spartels

Alexandra Spartels



I started writing and singing songs on my fathers CD’s and acting on Video Clips for children at age of 5 until 13. (George Spartels Children’s TV presenter on ‘Playschool’ ABC network).

I grew up around acting/singing/songwriting father and acting mother Elizabeth Alexander (recently seen in 'The Great' at Sydney Theatre Company), travelling around Australia as my mother especially would be called away to work at various theatre companies.

As a younger girl I was involved in some commercials and at times featured on the Australian kids TV show ‘Playschool’. I danced consistently up until the age of 14, however decided to focus on studying after this time.

Heavily involved in acting, music and dancing from primary school to high school, I received a placement in above 90% band for drama in the HSC.

From 2001-2002 I established a relationship with US manager Michael McMartin who sent fully written and sung songs of a pop/rock feel to record labels in LA. Received positive feedback but decided to continue on with studies. The same decision was made in relation to even greater interest received from Australian based Universal Studios during same period from A + R manager at the time, David Shrimpton.

In 2003, attracted the interest of Matt Andrews, the manager of agency ‘Barbara Leane and associates’ in 2004 (the agency that parents George Spartels and Elizabeth Alexander belong to). It was decided that a trial period would ensue whereby Mr Andrews would manage me as an actor and a singer songwriter.

In 2007 I moved to Melbourne to complete a degree in Psychology. I have since completed a demo album of nine songs with a funk/jazz feel to them. I hope to find a way to re-record these tracks, find musicians who are interested in playing my music and hopefully be represented by a record company that understands my sound and also wants to have it heard by others.



Written By: Alexandra Spartels

Lyric Sheet – ‘Heartstrings’ - Written by Alexandra Spartels

Verse 1

King for a day, I watched you take to it
In your own way, you were falling in love again
But kings often say what they can afford of it
I went my own way, short of ignoring it


King for a day
What would you say
If I gave you your way
Would it give you good cause to be


It was pulling my heartstrings
This nothing, the world before
I started wanting these heartstrings to ask for more

Chorus X2

Second bridge

So far from anything
I try memorizing
The ways that I’ve been told
To turn that lead into gold
But now it seems to me
I’ve found a way to be
Some kind of sum of parts
And not the sum of me

Chorus X2

Second bridge X4