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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Sexy Seductress Alexandria Passe'"


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, October 19, 2012 Alexandria Passe will also be at the radio station live on air on 105.1 with the Breakfast Club to talk about her touring days with Luther Campbell a.k.a Luke she will give explicit details of her touring days, videos she did and more.

Following her long time success of her video Luke’s Freak Show Vol. 1 which brought her successful career as the next big, up and coming female Howard Stern/Radio Personality, her innovative style of talk is what brings in people from all over the world to listen to her like your Average Joe to celebrities and the attention she gets on all social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Path and many more social media sites and the who’s who she attracted to her page like singers: Ne-Yo, Christina Millian, Christina Aguilera, Al B. Sure, Apollonia; Actors/Comedians: Bill Bellamy, Mike Epps, Shang Forbes, Guy Torry, Lahmard Tate, Loni Love and many more. I will be on the radio station’s 105. 1 with the Breakfast club to talk about sexual topics; to sexual health to sexuality, she will make available her videos being on with the breakfast club via YouTube and she also has poetry for sale. “I still feel like I gotta prove something. There is a lot of people hoping I fail. But I like that. I need to be hated.” By Howard Stern/Radio personality/Sirius XM Satellite Radio/he earned an award for Billboard for “Album-Oriented Rock Personality of the Year for a major market”/He published his first book and a movie called Private Parts/ he was on the New York Times best seller.

For additional information on Alexandria Passe and her sexual explicit content on her radio show visit and a YouTube video will be made available on her site along with videos for sale.

Alexandria Passe’s satellite Radio show on SIrius XM Satellite radio is an a company on the rise whose main focus is grow her audience. Her blogs her are gaining notoriety among the average Joe to big name celebrities even among other radio stations. Her radio will consist of highly explicit sexual content on sexual matters, she’ll have on air live performance from singers, celebrity appearances with live interviews. Her Idea is to shock people as well to keep people informed about sex, sexual health, and sexuality. Her company is very resource as well. She is Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in Sirius XM Satellite Radio on 2nd and Market Street. The radio station houses more 100 high-tech businesses employing over 200 people in 20 buildings.
 Alexandria Passe includes sponsors BMI, Sirius XM Radio, Law offices of Christine Hope, and Billboard.

- Alexandria Passe'


Sex Act I, Shower Scene, Dreams, Deep Down Inside



I’m born and raised in Mt Airy. I am 34 years old. I went to Henry H. Houston school as a child then went onto Martin Luther High school, then onto Lincoln Technical Institute for massage therapy, then I went to Main Line bartending school, onto Community College of Philadelphia which I majored in and received an Associates Degree in Communication Theater Arts, and then on Montgomery County Community College in which I’m majoring in music in hopes to transfer to Chestnut Hill College in hopes to receive a Bachelors degree in theater arts. I consider myself to have school smarts and street smarts. I got the chance to hang out with NFL players and other celebrities as a young girl. I then went onto to be a exotic dancer where I work at places like The Grindstone, Dutch Gardens, Club Oz, Risque, Club Wizards (now known as Atlantis), and places in Miami. I then went to a night club called Bobby Dances where I met Luke a.k.a Luther Campbell’s manager thus leading me to meet Luke when I went to Miami. I danced for Luke for 2-3 years and tour to places like of course Miami where I met celebrities like Keyshon Johnson and Brian Cox who played for the New York Jets, the old rap groups Dis N Dat, LL Cool J, Ed Lover, Terror Squad, Mobb Deep, and many more. Also I tour at places like New York, New Jersey, and many more. I lived a rock star life with the drunken rages, orgy parties, one nightstands, being arrested, having affairs with NFL players and etc...While dancing in night clubs I encountered women trying to fight me because of the way I looked, the money I put into my costumes, and to me doing pole moves that dancers thing I stole from them. I also had clothes stolen from me, women putting oil on the pole for me to fall and hurt myself, one girl fought me because she didn’t like me, and among other things. I was also on the Jerry Springer show in the 90‘s to get my feet wet in acting. I follow the beat of my own drum, I lived a rough life as well as a good one one. I have six children age ranging 18 years old to 6 year old who are very important and dear to me. I danced to support my children. I done things most people my mom’s age haven’t done in a life time. Being in the entertainment field I was privy to see some of the business side as well as the production side like sound checks, seeing Luke producing music and the touring side of the entertainment business. I done things most wouldn’t do. All in all I wouldn’t change what I been through, what I seen, heard or done; that’s what makes me who I am today.