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Tucker, GA | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

Tucker, GA | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Hip Hop Alternative





Seize the day. Now there’s a platitude we take for granted all too often, a mantra that taunts us when we’re locked in the daily grind. But anyone who practices an art knows that the hours add up; sustain an effort, and eventually the dividends unwind. Even though he’s just 20-years-old, Alex Bond can feel the hourglass sands slide; as a songwriter, producer, writer and actor, the Georgia native has fought hard against wasted time. Within the haunted choral loop in “Carpe Diem 2,” hours gleam like gold dust, both in the stockpiles gained (“All the years I’ve practiced / Let you do the math”) and the motes lost (“This 24, hold on / 3, 2, 1, gone”). And while it would be easy to just preach the age-old phrase, Bond acknowledges that time eludes even the best of us: “Let your mini-me do his best / know my enemy is Bond” That stark admission renders Bond as a fascinating persona, both headstrong and inherently flawed—hopefully, we’ll delve further into this complex youth’s head when his EP hits next year. - Lee Adcock


Once again, we ponder on time. A few weeks ago, introspective 20-year-old Alex Bond shared “Carpe Diem 2,” a haunted ballad on how to spend and save seconds like precious gold. For his next single, the native rapper slips into a more casual cruise. Didi Crazzz mans the wheel here with a boom bap as smooth as butter, allowing Bond to ease back into his lucid flow. As before, our protagonist minces no words about his aspirations: “Hell is waiting for those who don’t show and tell talents,” he declares, and one can only suspect that he hangs that warning over his own head as much as anyone else.

While “Fade Into (Remix)” chugs along like a convertible on a Sunday drive, Bond still stops to ruminate on the scarcity of time. At the half-way mark, as he reminds himself to focus on “real life shit,” he marvels on a chance encounter with a friend: “Was just at Chick-fil-A, on break with my homie Naseer / That was the last time I saw him this year.” Back in October, Naseer Alwakeel was one of three teens who died in a car wreck outside of Meadowcreek High School in Norcross, soon after a Friday night football game.

“I didn’t know him too well, but well enough to recognize he was a great kid,” Bond says over email. “Always had a smile on his face.” Through this small tribute—and “Carpe Diem 2,” which Bond released in Alwakeel’s honor—the rapper makes the most of his friend’s too early death, grappling with mortality at an age when most youths still feel untouchable. It’s the kind of introspection one wouldn’t expect in a leisurely cruise, but that’s exactly what separates Bond from his peers. - Lee Adcock


At just 20-years-old, rapper Alex Bond already sounds wiser than his years. Contemplative cuts like “Cries” and “Carpe Diem 2” prove that the Atlanta native can cull haunting backdrops beyond his peers’ cut-and-paste beats; and even with the smoother assist of Didi Crazzz on “Fade Into,” Bond still grounds himself with humble musings on mortality and time’s elusive wealth. Now armed with a low-key and stylish video for “Woke” (shot in and around the Krog Street Tunnel), this promising producer and songwriter stands poised to make waves with his debut EP later this year. - Lee Adcock

"Alex Bond Awakens Indie Hip-Hop Fans w/ New “Woke” Video"

Behind syllable flipping cadences and unique audio production, Alex Bond releases his first music video in “Woke”. Even we were sleep on this talented emcee for a while but months ago he gave us an introduction that’ll be hard to forget.

A student at Kennesaw State University, Alex clearly is in a class above that of his peers. With a style of his own, we’re not 100% sure what’s next from this creative but our eyes are surely peeled!

Exceptional penmanship should be honored and today we do that by highlighting the all-new “Woke” video shot & directed by N/A Productions. Stream, share and comment below. Remember the name. - Audible Hustle

"Alex Bond - The Happening (Review)"

Day Dreaming- From the beginning I get a Jay Z vibe, when he first came into the game, with Hard knock life. I like the beginning, starting with piano. “Day Dreaming” is very clever my friend.

The Worst- You immediately switch the vibe, to one that had some true emotions for some girl. You went light skin on us lol. Your lyrics were complimented by the angelic voice of Jhene Aiko, which worked very well for the song. You weren’t too hype at all on this one, because you didn’t need to be. I felt the emotions in your words. It’s like you got hurt, got over it, and somehow managed to channel that into a song.

Super Smash Bros- The beat is the first thing that catches my attention. It’s crazy, which gives listeners something crazy lyric wise to look forward to on the song. After listening to it twice, I can say this is one of those knock em dead freestyles that just stacks countless metaphors with subtle adlibs. By the time the listener catches one metaphor, they’re trying to figure out the next. That’s good. Keeps em on the edge of their seat.

Control- Right from the jump, you went full Kendrick with a rather aggressive flow. And you shouted me out lol, that made the song better. Jp. But yeah man, you may think this is crazy, I heard a little bit of that Hopsin flow. That’s different for you, but it’s good.

Danny Glover- Not a huge Young Thug fan. His music is good, just not my forte. The first line was like, “Don’t compare me to Kendrick” lol. I got a Drake and Kendrick vibe from it. It’s still good. The second verse sounds like Drake on worst behavior a little bit. You changed the tone of the original song for sure.

MOB. - Literally the first 8 seconds of the song had me like, this is gonna be deep as hell, I can just tell. You can be the modern day Martin Luther King. You tackled modern day topics that plague the youth such as, reckless partying, getting high, paying homage to our elder artists, humble nature, and so many more. Another shout out to me too, lol. Tbh, these type of songs are my favorite from you, but that’s just my personal opinion.
Don’t let these people murder your brain.

Caught Up- Sounds like a sample from the 70’s. Gives me a Big Sean vibe. (Don’t think I’m comparing you to all these artists, just giving a point of reference). This is a metamodern ode to your love, whomever that may be. Zaypex came in a switched it up in a good way. That beat worked well for the both of you. It’s easy to get caught up, but when you do, I agree it’s hot love man.

Ignited- That drumroll at the beginning gave me a vibe like, getting ready for a football game. Like we getting ready to go hard. I like the flows on this song. Pretty smooth with the track.

The Happening (Adaptation)- This is what we’ve been waiting for, the actual song the album is named after. When the beat dropped, the drums caught me by surprise. You shared your experience of rapping from birth, showing your true love for the music. The artist on the hook was sweet. I liked it. That sample was like, classical and spacey at the same time, if that makes sense. “Trying to face the facts, times are changing fast.”

A.R.C- The Cypher was fire. That’s all I have to say.

Carpe Diem- I like the overall concept of the song. Sieze the Day. The spoken word at the beginning set the mood for the song. The song had a ecstacy like vibe. It really represents getting the most out of every day. This is a different set for you tbh, but you’re taking it very well. I like this for you.

Deep Cover- You already know my views on this one when you released it. Reminds me of old school rap, etc.

Think About Me- I think you’ve succeeded at giving a story telling vibe in this song. The use on autotune was different for you, but like I stated before, you are adapting to a new unique sound.

Spoken- I remember this verse from that Cypher we did at your house last year. The beat you used, fits the flow well. Friendship is right next to family these days, it’s good that you cherish that. You represent yourself very well.

Too Real- Classic anthem from you man.

Overall man I’m extremely proud of you, no lie. You honestly are one of the only people I look at and say, man he’s about to murk me if I don’t get on my grind. I respect how you are consistent with your message but also managed to alter the overall sound to make it better. I give this album a 9/10. I can’t give you a 10/10 because I know that one point will drive you to do better. See you at the top bro, much love. - The Renaissance


Still working on that hot first release.



Based in Georgia, Alex Bond (born May 15, 1997) is a recording artist, songwriter, producer and actor. Alex Bond was born to Kevin and Toni Bond in Charlotte North Carolina. Bond moved to Stone Mountain, Georgia at the age of three. His crisp lyricism and blend of new and classic styles of Hip-Hop are redefining the genre, and soon, the industry.

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