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Perth, Western Australia, Australia | INDIE

Perth, Western Australia, Australia | INDIE
Band Rock Singer/Songwriter




"Zeitgeist review"

Zeitgeist Rocked the Jager stage at the Locofest 2007 and flew the flag high for Ausbtralia in Boston MA.
Welcomed with open arms and invited back in 2008 for a full US tour supporting Crash Midnight and finishing with LOCFEST 2008 the band has been going from strength to strength.Settling back in Aus to finish the new Album (yet to be named) the band will be working hard in the studio with well known master engineer James Hewgill and promoting an upcoming Australian tour. - Xpress Magazine Perth

"Obliveon Magazine (germany)"

Translation from german

AUSTRALIA IMPORT German word as volume name or ago, also volume with the name spirit of the time gives it zuhauf. These come here from the proximity of Perth into west Australia and verquicken - similarly as its far east living compatriots of The Loving Tongue - Metal with World Music and other influences, are thereby however altogether substantially skirt-industrial union-more metallic and not so much in the Siebzigern verwurzelt. While it proceeds in the Opener "ton of Endless Night" still rockig bluesig and somewhat playful, the second TRACK "roofridge World Guilt" is already whole serrating harder, although the essential structure is very rockig also here. Number 3, "Awakening", is the first part of a topic consisting of three pieces, begins experimentally and with a very much complaining sound. "Tempest" is underlaid and thus at the whole run time with a fat reef the so far hardest TRACK. To "The Big Sleep" the topic from "Awakening" again one takes up, closes thus the circle and points out the contentwise solidarity of the three pieces. The conclusion TRACK "bent down (in Baghdad)" exhibits a quite hard guitar play and treats the topic of the Iraq war. Introduced underlaid with the flight noises of a Missile and with pieces of disalignment from speeches of Mr. Bush the musicians might not be around volume head, guitar and Sitar player Alex Antoniak straight proponents of the Iraq escalation. Quotation enrichments like "Coalition OF The Killing" and the locking statement of Mr. Bush himself, "Don't measuring With Texas", might be clear there. In music the Vierer is an in any case alternation in the other daily Einerlei of the Metalkost, in particular from Nu Metal and Metalcore. The print CD gives it for 11.99 outer IE dollars zzgl. 4.99 (P & V). or simply by Mail on turn. Small eight points. 8/10 - SBr - Obliveon


You Tube #9 - Most Viewed (launch of video day) - Musicians - Australia

You Tube #70 - Most Viewed (This Week) - Musicians - Australia

Top 50 Myspace USA

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Radio Airplay via CMJ US Canada States

Locobazooka 2007



The Bands second Debut album is in the works and due for release shortly

Anonymous Zeitgeist have played festivals including Locobazooka Boston with Alice Cooper,Sabbath,Shadows fall,also playing support act for Bumblefoot and other international acts.

played to thousands via the CMJ network radio and online radio
Reaching the top 10 most viewed music videos on You tube Australia April 2011.
The Soundtrack to the (R)EVOLUTION !!!!

Hard Rock/Metal Band Anonymous Zeitgeist from Australia's recent single release for the new album coming soon.
The band is newly reformed and working hard finishing the new album due for release soon