Alex Cirilo

Alex Cirilo

 Miami, Florida, USA

Alex can mold anything into something stellar, pop and very now- he is a Picasso of sound!


Born in the city of Mayaguez, Puerto Rico and now residing in Miami, Florida, Alex Cirilo is one of the latest talents of the new generation of mixing engineers and music producers. Alex Cirilo has had the opportunity of working with many producers and artists such as; Estefano, Lulo Perez, Paulina Rubio, Chayanne, Natalia Betancure, Jim Jonsin, David Cabrera, Roy Tabares, Mark Lee, Chris Rodriguez, Natalia, Menudo, Adriana Fonseca, Los Goyos, Fat King Bulla, Eduardo Antonio, Paloma Marquez, Victoria del Rosal, among others.

By the time he graduated high school he was already a professional basketball player. However, Alex Cirilo decided to pursue a career in the field of music being this his passion since he was a little boy. After studying percussion at the Inter-American University of Puerto Rico for several years, he started his long career as a professional drummer and recording studio engineer. He participated with local and international bands like: Cuerdas Rotas, Imagines Caidas, Josean Divan y La Pena Capital, Slimmy Nuggetz, Los Lagartos de “Mexico” among others. He was also part of a reggae band called “Los Goyos” for eight years.

Now living in the city of Miami for two and a half years and having worked for the successful producer and Latin composer “Estefano” as editor and recording engineer, he has decided to begin his career as mixing engineer and music producer independently, which has proven to be a success.