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Alex Cook

Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, United States | SELF

Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, United States | SELF
Band Christian Singer/Songwriter




"Listeners Say:"

"An Alex Cook concert is not to be missed! He has an amazing way of zeroing in on universal prayers and questions, and quickly go to the core of inspiring answers. Alex's songs are upbeat and full of humorous self-realization at one moment and gentle and soulfully touching the next. All through the concert there's a winning honesty and commitment to truth that sends you out of the concert feeling like you've just had a spiritually nourishing feast."
Susan Mack
St. Louis, MO

Alex is very talented! A singer, musician, guitarist, painter, muralist and more. His new CD is a collection of original music that speaks to the heart and gets the listener to thinking on positive spiritual messages. I love listening to Alex because he is a thinker and artist free of pretense and show. He puts ego aside, listens for the truth and shares what he hears in colorful, clear and straightforward artistry that takes one's thought to new and better places.
Evan Mehlenbacher
Richland, WA

"Alex Cook is a magical musical wordsmith who provides great images and inspiration in all of his songs."
Tim Myers
La Canada, CA

I recently heard the amazing talent of Alex Cook at the Fire Escape Coffeehouse in Weymouth, MA. His music is joyful, thoughtful, and inspired by nature. He draws the audience into his music allowing us to interact with him. Whether you want a tranquil song as a background to your prayer or meditation or a joyful sound to accompany your worship Alex provides it all. You end up feeling inspired and carefree in your spirit.
Olive Knight
Creative Director, Knight Productions
Co-Founder, AgapeVine Christian Arts Network

“Alex is a multifaceted musical diamond! He is both a must see and a must be booked singer and songwriter!”

Bill Mallia, "The Jimmy Buffet of Christian Music"
Plymouth, MA

"When I hear Alex Cook's music, I am reminded of that small, quiet voice inside calling me to do great things. In hearing his songs, not only do I feel emboldened to take on the big challenges my life is urging me to, but I also dance around--that he can set such life wisdom to sounds and beats that match his voice and move the body is a wonder to me.

Amanda Loy-Jung
Farmington, NM

Alex's music has encouraged me to pray - not by telling me to, but by showing me prayer's own sweetness. The music shares hope, and the hope is never distant, but always delightfully near. Like the 23rd Psalm, this music speaks of guidance, fearlessness, and the comfort of God's presence.

Benjamin Vaughan
Bowen Islanda, BC

"(Alex is) a vivacious energy on stage, delivering wonderfully bodacious lyrics."

Christa Kreutz
St. Louis, MO

The first time I heard your music I was stunned. I couldn't believe the words and the spirit. It was a truly wonderful discovery...wide eyed and breathtaking...
Finding your music is honestly one of the most important gems I have been led to along this way...more than I can say. So safe...and liberating.

Jo Dickinson
Portland, OR

Alex's songs are so inspired and amazingly lyric driven- and the production quality is all there. The tunes are great and I noticed that when I start really listening to the lyrics I'm pulled into his world, I mean I'm really carried away by his message. I keep thinking about what you said- that you know he writes his songs from the heart. I really do feel that's true, and the heart is a mighty powerful story teller! I know Alex is well on his way to something wonderful! Bless him.

Terri Leowy
Southern CA

Alex Cook’s songs are stories of victories over evil and testimonies that sing themselves in a way that brings encouragement and healing to the listener. Weeks later you find them singing themselves in your own thought and heart, companioning you powerfully on your spiritual journey.
I went from never hearing about these folks to attending three concerts in four days, a house concert, a concert in the Sunday School of a Christian Science Church, and one at a Christian Science care facility. Each was unique as the group discerned on the spot just exactly what was needed at that place, in that time, and provided it seamlessly. They demonstrated what God listeners they are. It was beautiful to behold.

Sylvia Madeiros
Hayward, CA

Alex's program inspired people of all ages. His lyrics are spiritually rich and his performance of them is both uplifting and fun. He presents himself as an empathetic, self-deprecating, and honest friend who wants to share what is moving his life. The biblical content is most welcome and reveals a performer who could build bridges to many different audiences. Watching him in second performance dedicated to young people was also a joy -- the kids really connected to someone who they felt respected them and included them in making the music. In front of the general audience, our most senior attendees loved him and left with CDs to share. We will definitely be having Alex back!

Dick Davenport
St. Louis, MO

Alex Cook performed a concert for our Camps
Newfound and Owatonna. The concert was full of surprises and was
simply infectious. His music is lively, original, and inspiring, sometimes with a
rapid fire delivery that will keep you on your toes and make you smile. Alex expresses his love for God with poetic lyrics, a wide vocal range, and subtle variations and rhythms that make you want to tap your foot and sing
along. At the end of the concert, you won’t want it to stop!

Michele Parsons
Director, Newfound Creative Arts Camp

"Alex's melodies and lyrics are full of surprises that delight and pry open cracks in our thinking and stimulate. Often times "Christian" music seems like an excuse for preaching dogma - not with Alex. His music is engaging, contagious, and full of original thinking and singing. His vocal range is wide, and his voice melodic and lyrical. I have heard and seen him perform twice and both times have walked away in awe and inspired. His performance was nothing I could have predicted or attended elsewhere."

Paul Trowbridge
Sedgwick, ME

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Tree of Life 2009
Kindness Is A Mountain 2010
Defend the People 2011



Alex Cook has made it his life's work to express spiritual hope, power, and the beauty of God through music.

After a 10 year career as a muralist and public artist, Alex knows from experience that "beauty saves lives." Having painted over 70 murals in the US and abroad, Alex has seen firsthand the power of expression to help and heal hearts. It is with this conviction that he crafts his songs. He looks deep into the Spirit, and draws from its rich resources melodies, stories, and words that reach the longing heart.
His diverse labors in the arts, as an elementary school teacher, and prison chaplain influence and deepen his musical voice. In his performances as in his recordings, there is a wide spectrum of spiritual color. At one moment his music is profoundly serious and honest, and in another, it is filled with humor and bright, warm love.

Alex's musical ministry is heartfelt and powerful. His songs take us somewhere very spiritual.

Alex has been making music for years, but it wasn’t until 2009 that he released his first album of entirely God-focused music. The group of songs that became his 2009 release, “Tree of Life,” grew out of Alex's conviction that "this music shouldn’t just be about God, it should express God." As such, it is at times deeply gentle and beautiful, and at others, soaring and bouncing with joy. Its lyrics are poignant and challenging.

Alex is currently working on a new cd, set for release in December 2011, titled "Defend the People". As its title suggests, it is a work whose songs defend us on our spiritual journey - cheer us, and reassure us of our precious, soulful spiritual identity.

Between 2009 and 2011 Alex performed more that 130 concerts in the US and abroad.
"Performing is not just a matter of getting up in front of people and singing,” Alex says. “It is about unveiling something holy in myself, and letting that connect with what is holy in each member of the audience. We don’t end up where we began. We go on a journey together."
Wherever he performs, whether it be at a church, in a theater, a homeless shelter, or a prison, Alex's expectation is that people will be healed – "our hearts turned further from fear and doubt, and more and more toward Life and Love of God."

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