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The best kept secret in music



"I would highly recommend Alex Del Monacco to any event. Not only is she drop dead gorgeous and professional. She is also very down
to earth and Real! She came to town early did a Live Broadcast with The Sandman and let the fans know that a new sherriff was in town! ..Not only does she interact with her fans, she really takes the time to know them!!! I can't wait till the next event! "Girls Gone Wild was a huge success!" Only in part to One Midwest Bombshell Miss Alex del Monacco!

Zach -Woody's Evansville Ind. - NEWS 4U MAGAZINE


This woman is striking, her beauty so overpowering that it leaves anyone who is graced with her presence in awe. From her platinum curls, to her soft lips, to her supple breasts and her rock hard abs, the woman is perfection at a glance.

But, she is more than just a beauty. Yes, she is currently being featured in several calendars, including Bombshell 2008, Supermodel Sunday, and Ms. Gentworld 2007/2008, but Alex Del Monacco has plans of putting more than just her beauty to good use; she is now focusing on her acting career.

"I want people to realize that I have personality and intelligence behind the pretty pictures. I'm a regular actress, not just "talent." Acting is a great adventure, it requires a lot of intelligence and a varied range of emotions when you are doing that kind of work," Del Monacco said. Del Monacco's current project is a Science Fiction movie called Requiem of the Fallen, also starring Tony Moran and Michael Myers.

"The movie is basically about good vs. evil, and I play the part of an angel called Darian who gives the burst of inspiration. But you have to go see the movie to find out what happens." So what makes Del Monacco tick? Many of her fans would like to know. Was she always a raving beauty? "I was actually the world's biggest nerd," she said laughing. I was a tuba a flute-playing dork. I was kind of a geek-to-chic type of girl. And now that I am successful and in magazines, calendars and on film, I look back and realize if it hadn't been for all of the people supporting me, I wouldn't be where I'm at today."

So what does this woman of many talents have planned for the near future?

"Watch for me doing regular acting roles. I plan on making it big in the acting business," Del Monacco said. She added, "If you are trying to get into this business, it's very important to have someone behind you supporting your career and helping you make the best decisions for future success," she said. "Never go to a shoot by yourself, because a lot of people will prey on single girls. The most important thing in this business, is you have to find out who real, and who has your best interests at hand. Everyone else has their own motives and is only working with you for their own personal gain. You just have to be very careful who you work with and make sure you are choosing your shoots/roles wisely."

With her determination, beauty, and talent, I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more of Del Monacco on the big screen in months to come.

- Open Shoot Magazine by Lisa Cross


Alex del Monacco resides in Southern Illinois. Alex is a professional model/actress for the past 2 years now. She has been featured in many magazines in print. Magazines such as Planet Muscle, Dxl, German Gq, Rix, Teezed, Fitmodel just to name a few..You can find Alex at a club near you or all over the net as she is listed on countless websites!!! She is truly sexuality with a capital "S"
- Body-Rockin.Com


AGE: 28



I began my career in modeling at a young age. With my dad in the military, I did some child modeling in Hawaii. But it wasn't until two years ago that I started pursuing modeling professionally.
. "So I went on to pursue modeling more full time, and now I am planning on surprising people with my acting skills as well." I am pursuing challenging roles in Sci-Fi and Drama films, and not the cheesy dumb blonde one-liner roles that many former-models-turned-acresses settle for. "It's always great to have someone behind you that will support your best interests of your career," "My acting manager is always backing my decisions, and helps me find the best opportunities out there."

I also love to travel and I love the challenge of shooting in unique far off places. "I'm a country bumpkin parked out here in the Midwest, so getting to travel to Mexico, Florida, the dessert--I love doing new and different things," "Like doing fight scenes in the jungle, or modeling in the dessert in extreme weather conditions; I love trying new things and pushing myself beyond my limits," "But I always have to remember the important things, like stick out your butt, lengthen your neck, always remember your lines, and improvise. But what I enjoy most about acting is the freedom you are allowed with emotions. It's a different line of work altogether when compared to modeling. I also enjoy hosting at major events, clubs, and making the party a smashing success! I truly enjoy meeting all my fans! " I have reached a point in my life where I know exactly what I want. "I want to rule the world," . "My ultimate goal is to be happy at what it is that I am doing. And I believe that I have settled down into the acting, modeling hosting thing. It's what I want to do, and I know that I am good at it."

As far as my personal life goes, I am focusing mainly on my career. "I'm single the majority of the time because I'm way too busy," I'm also extremely picky and am really hard on both guys and girls, so I prefer being by myself." "I don't forsee myself having kids, but I have my dogs." (a yellow lab and two chihuahuas) And throughout all of the crazy hours I work, and even after all of the interviews, photo shoots, and promotional parties, I still find time for my other passion, cooking. "I'm an outstanding cook, especially in pastries and desserts," pouring melted chocolate over a pretzel. "I love making chocolate covered peanut butter balls, and chocolate covered pretzels. Basically I make desserts with tastes and ingredients that are simple, but that leaves you with a sigh of satisfaction afterwards. My close friends love me to cook for them,"

Here is a list of a few likes and dislikes I have to get to know me better.

Preferred Celebrity: Semi
Relationship Status: Single and focused on work
Favorite Sport/Team: hmm...MMA-IFL Silverbacks Huge Randy Couture fan and Daniel Puder fan Baseball-STL Cardinals Football-Dallas Cowboys Favorite Movie/Actor:
Favorite Music/Artist: LoCash Cowboys
Favorite Song: right now? Yeah Yeah
Favorite Food: anything Asian
First Job: Nursing

What kind of pets do you own? furry kids

Whats the most adventurous thing you've ever done? Jumped out of a perfectly good airplane AND helicopter!