Alex Dew

Alex Dew


Uk singer songwriter, jaged alt indie for the broken hearted. Arcade fire meets Ryan Adams on a cold lonely night.


Musically the songs I write are somewhere between Ryan Adams and Arcade Fire. Stories of broken dreams and human pain. Lyrically I try to say it how it is, and like the aforementioned artists, the music spears through the haze of melancholy searching for that light at the end of the tunnel, and although we all find life can be weary we keep picking ourselves up. I am a solo musician and record most of the instrumentation, but have a full back up band who including myself make up a powerful 4 piece. We will be gigging February onwards. Q; why should you be interested in my music? A; The songs are painfully honest and the energy and release will connect with people who listen to them. Q; why are you solo? A; The process of the music I create is so insular and personal I find it best to lock myself away in my own home studio, this maintains the isolated feel. Listen to Neil Young, Ryan Adams, David Bowie, Tori Amos, Beck name a few, there is something really personal yet intimate in the sound, a spiritual aspect really, a glorious loneliness that seems to say “One person against their inner demons..”, yet shared almost therapeutically with the listener. On the flip side my band is a great vehicle to air these exorcisms!! Nothing precious live just a raw rock show! It is early days but if jagged alternative rock sooths your troubled self let’s keep in touch...Bless you all.


Tired Heart - single off BMG/JIVE records- Kinobe (Album)-2006 Wide open
Blankspace-My days with the astronauts- 2007 Open season recs
Fake-Fake rock and roll (single) 2008- Things to come
Distant Riser-Album RElease tbc 2009

Set List

Distant Riser
Seek a life
Paper Ghost
1300 Hrs
Sun Hits