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Alex Frecon

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Think of the most awesome music you can come up with, then subtract it by a medium amount


Alex Frecon isn’t three things.

One, he isn’t the next Eminem. Two, he isn’t the next Asher Roth—which, is a good thing because Asher Roth is…well…Asher Roth. And although yes, Alex Frecon is a Caucasian rapper just like Eminem and Asher, Alex Frecon isn’t anything or anyone but himself.

Born and raised in Minneapolis, Alex started rapping and producing while attending college in Connecticut. Developing a pop-influenced sound with the help of bubbly, sample driven beats, Alex has since established himself as a unique talent in Minneapolis area. His music videos have been viewed thousands of times on YouTube, and his songs have over 10,000 plays.

Alex’s debut EP “The Hedgehog Dilemma” earned praised from Tim Mahoney (contestant on the hit show “The Voice,”) Derrick Stevens (radio production manager at The Current,) Steven Greenberg (well-regarded writer and composer) and many others. A fusion of pop and hip-hop; his sound is accessible, his lyrics are enticing, and his performances team with genuine energy and enthusiasm.

His single “Higher (And Higher)” echoes the feel-good nature of his music, and received rotation on the highly regarded Minneapolis radio station “The Current”. Likewise, his music video for the song “Help Me Out” has been featured on The Current’s blog and MPLS.TV.

His next project—“Still Wrapped,” released on June 1st— not only exposes Alex to a larger base of fans but, more importantly, brings his current fans the sort of high-level energy and storytelling they’ve come to expect and demand.


The Hedgehog Dilemma - August 2011