X.E-L.A & The U.F.O Acid Godz

X.E-L.A & The U.F.O Acid Godz

 Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador, CAN

“Straight from the heart, Soulful, Aggressive, Warm and Beautiful”


Hello, my name is Alex Gillard. I am a music musician. Do you hear that? I am all about the music, from when I was a baby to the current present I will try to list my many musical accomplishments. In 1983, I, as a little baby child was used to stuff the drum kit of the band "Red Ryder" on the album "As far as Siam". I dampened the drum kit for nearly 3 weeks as Tom Cochrane and his drummer, Rob Baker got the sound they were looking for. There is only 1 photo of me inside the drum kit and I do not look very happy, I am crying and I am cupping my ears. You may also notice, if you see this rare photo, I, even at a very young age, possess a wicked beard. Immediately after the success of this album, I was kidnapped by "BTO" front man and generally tubby guy, Randy Bachman. Many people are ignorant to the fact Randy spent almost 2 years in prison for my abduction. However the one night in Moncton seems quite vivid, Randy Bachman was getting pretty drunk and was unimpressed that a young baby Alex was getting all the attention from his groupies, so Randy flew into a rage screaming you "your a bad little Newfoundland man pie and I'm going to punish you". "Punish me?" I said I of course thinking I was behaving pretty good and was in no need of such punishment, sitting there smoking a cigarette, drinking my chocolate milk and being awesome.So Randy, not wanting to create a scene backed off and let me finish my smoke. Just before he passed out he put a wig and fake mustache on me and punched me in the stomach, saying "fuck you Cummings'. We never spoke of this again. After it became illegal to stuff babies in drum kits in 1987 I had to find new work. Though for a small reunion gig I was put in the drum set of the Scottish 70s super group "The Bay City Rollers". They were told of my drum stuffing abilities by Burton Cummings, famous asshole and mustached Canadian. I actually witnessed 2 Scotsman beat Burton with the muffler of their tour bus after they caught him stealing toilet paper and soap_ I do not know who the bigger piece of shit is between the 2 parties, cheap, distrustful!, drunk Scotsman or cheap,drunk, asshole; loser Canadian Burton Cummings. Do not believe what you hear about Burton Cummings, It is worse. As a little child he made me watch him and Montreal Canadians centre, Guy Lefleur have sex!. I remember he would ask if I liked what I saw. He would become furious when I told him that I didn't really understand what I saw, much less enjoy it and was pretty confused as to why the hell i was even there in the first place. He wouldn't really hit me but he would say that he thought my beard looked ridiculous (he was very jealous and fearful of my bad ass baby beard). I had a much fuller, luxurious face matt than Burton and he knew it. When the chamber maid would be changing my diaper and comment on what a nice mustache and beard I had, Burton would again become enraged and leave the room. Though I was too young to be having sex, me and the chamber maid would fool around and I could eventually get her off with one of my Star Wars toys. 3CP0 or one of my Sand people were pretty popular with the ladies. I look back and question the mental stability of a woman who would have sex with a young boy... awesome!. I think the beard and mustache through them off a bit. I may have forgotten to add that my voice was exactly the same as it is right now. You would piss yourself laughing if you could see me, Alex Gillard, 2 years old with a pretty amazing beard and mustache, smoking a cigarette, sitting in a restaurant and with a grown man's voice ask a waitress if she could help me, - priceless. Anyway I have come a long way from that and now have my own musical cd disc released to the public world of people. take a listen to some of the audio eruptions and let me know what thoughts you think of.

Much Thanks ;)

X.E-L.A & The U.F.O Acid Godz

Set List

30 Minute sets
10-13 songs