X.E-L.A & The U.F.O Acid Godz
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X.E-L.A & The U.F.O Acid Godz

Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada | SELF

Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada | SELF
Band Folk Singer/Songwriter


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"Acid,GodZ and U.F.O's...?"

Have you ever wished you could write a song so amazing that it made the listener’s hair stand on end? Leaving them in pure shock as each new word left your mouth? Well for Alex Gillard this wish is granted, every time, with about the same ease as tying a shoelace.
With well over 3,000 hand printed and signed CDs distributed across Canada, Alex has built a lasting impression as a genuinely warm hearted, self taught, and politically charged artist, with a loyal underground fan base. His audiences consistently stare in astonishment as his music seems to dare each one of us to act unimpressed, just so that the next note can blow them away. Listeners should come with great expectations, as Alex feeds our ever growing desire for the new and extraordinary.
For all those unaware, Alex Gillard, or X.E-L.A., was born in a Corner Brook, NL in 1983. He has since traveled to many places across Canada and the United States, playing his own brand of avant guarde folk music.
His compositions have already gained him much popularity and a large following that’s growing by the day. In fact, the 22nd X.E-L.A. EP, X.E-L.A in U.F.O Acid Godz, is due for release in December 2006. It accompanies the X.E-L.A. Live DVD, which becomes available at the same time.
Alex yet again manages to compose the new album by himself, while keeping it 100% independent and maintaining full artistic control over the project. This daunting feat guarantees the purity of the record and final product, which includes such legendary songs as: From The Moon, Drop Me Off In Space, Smokin Bluegrass, Chasing The Rain, and The battle of 2012, plus secret tracks and unexpected treats. But what really sets U.F.O. Acid Godz apart is the variety of style on the album. It ranges in genre from Folk, to Classical, and infuses Drum and Bass, Bluegrass, and even Funk. This album is shaping up to be X.E-L.A.'s strongest release to date, which is saying a lot, when you look at the success of this kid’s past releases, and the expectations that creates.
What really makes this album so unique, and possibly mind blowing, is the purpose of the music and the information contained within: the wake up campaign. That is, a call to arms against terrorism being carried out by the U.S Government upon its own populous, through "false flag operations" reminiscent of the "project Northwood's strategy", as pretext to pass legislations and bills in an effort to gain more control over the population, with no resistance. X.E-L.A says based upon research from top scientist and confessions from corporate whistle blowers, this is all heading toward the N.W.O, with the intent to go into war with whomever they see fit, eventually creating a Marshall Law State,or a so called global government where there would be no freedoms of personal security or safety from the terrorism that has been manufactured by these 'Illuminated societies'.

He also states" if you refuse to beleave this is happeing then go reseach the death of a law called "HEBAUS CORPUS" and see just what has been taken away from the populus of the U.S.Along with the annialation of 9 out if 10 amendments,just go read the patriot act and freedom acts disclosed by the govorment".

"and just for kicks check out the the Non-Existent "INCOME TAX LAW",or the Secret behind Credit Cards and Big Banks or even the history of the Bush family, and you will not!.... be able to deny that there is mass manipulation running whats going on all around you.

Another controversial subject dealt with on the album is the idea of religion and science being similarly manufactured, with the intent to split people into opposing groups and schools of thought, and then steer them straight into wars, and away from the true nature of what we actually are and have always been – multi-dimensional beings.
"We're infinite conciseness connected to the universe on a scale unimaginable, massively in control of our own destiny through just our thoughts and ideas," shares X.E-L.A.
"Each thought you have is, and resonates itself to, a certain frequency. So whatever frequency that is, you will draw into your life situations and circumstances that will sync with that frequency. Hence ‘manifest destiny’, and that's why in the manufactured, Illuminati Population Control book, or as it's been called for years, the Holy Bible, it states: ‘in the beginning was the word, and the word was sound!’"
The Word, according to X.E-L.A.?
U.F.O. Acid Godz talks about the idea that science and religion are opposites – science says you’re a cosmic accident, while the church says you’re guided by God, yet both have one thing in common: they tell you control of your life is not within you, but out of your hands completely. But if you take away these two versions of life that have been offered, and the basis of how they work, you will begin to see what is being hidden and used against you to manipulate you into a docile state: and away from the true infinity of the human soul and essence of life that is alive and wild inside us all. This has been disconnected in us from birth, using media, religion, the school systems and whatever other mediums available to create a society where the left brain prevails, and where people accept what they’re told as fact, without analyzing or questioning it for themselves.
Schools also use fear tactics to get people to repeat whatever they have been told, believes Alex, on test after test, to train the mind to accept whatever they want you to accept. If you don't you’re threatened relentlessly with "if you don't pass school you will be nothing, a no one, poor and lonely, broke and homeless so you better repeat those answers like I want!,” until, you’re too scared to think for yourself and express what you feel.
U.F.O. Acid Godz dares individuals to open their minds and question the things in the world which seem wrong and corrupt; to take a look at the corruptions in government and agree when someone puts the facts on the table about what these said corruptions are and how they are happening, to not suddenly lose your voice. To not be too afraid to be the one to step away from the traditional expectations of what we can and cannot do, say and be, without being signaled out as a crazy conspiracy theorist.
To be completely honest, U.F.O. Acid Godz is a wave maker and will, with no doubt, be followed by much controversy, many serious discussions, and skeptical reviews from all angles. But Alex stands firm, and will not back down in his educated and witty take on things going on in the world today. Like Thomas Henry Huxley said, "Every great advance in natural knowledge has involved the absolute rejection of authority."
You can't afford not to own X.E-L.A. in U.F.O Acid Godz as Alex is sure to create something new and revolutionary, with his unique unorthodox style and mastery of his craft.
If one thing is certain, it is that this CD will open a lot of eyes, turn a lot of heads, and, hopefully, loosen more than a few ties. Most importantly, it will satisfy even the most critical of musical tastes with its undeniably original and risky takes on composition and technique and its genre shattering track list. You will continue be blown away by what comes next. Sit back and listen as this one man show shifts seamlessly, creating a masterpiece of musical history, while conveying both a message, and the spirit and soul of a generation in the process.
For those of you who want to hear the music that's made some of the roughest crowds around scream, clap and applaud with approval, visit the X.E-L.A. site at www.myspace.com/stealthemoon62. Hear tracks and see live footage of the yet to be released U.F.O. Acid Godz album.
If you wish to learn more and educate yourself on the manipulation of the populous and the movement and motivations behind U.F.O. Acid Godz, then visit www.infowars.com, www.davidicke.com, and www.prisonplanet.com.
On these sites you will be able to see what is going on behind government’s closed doors, and the role of secret societies such as the Illuminati in our lives and uncover their plans for the New World Order and globalization on the which are on the way in the next few years. But most importantly you will be able to decide on which side of the wave you want stand when it crashes to the surface in the coming decade. Alex wants you to remember: "Our ignorance is their greatest defense!" - Barry Ezikel & Allanah PinHorn

"First time listeners reaction:)"

Man Alley, you guys are so talented and creative in your own right, All your tunes are so good, soulful and diverse! And real good playing! And the most important thing to me about your music is being honest in what you are and what you feel! And that makes it creative and creation's the highest place you can go in music or in anything, it can move people, and that's what we're here for, right?.

And you know, beyond the elation of creating and expressing, you're basically just a conduit channel vessal from a higher awareness and creator, and that's only attained once you have mastered the technical know-hows of that form of communication and just let it go! God, I don't have to tell you, you already know!! Yes, there's nothing like creativity in the expressiveness and feeling you get! Take it from a person who made a living playing music for 20 yrs. you've got the foundation set and it's solid! so enjoy it! - George Gould

"Life On The Literal Edge"

XELA // Alex Gillard March 22, 2006

XELA or Alex Gillard may be based in western Newfoundland
but he's making music that defies any region or strict classification.
He's Donny & Marie rolled in one -- a little bit country and a little bit rock-n-roll.
Well, perhaps more folk than country, but I stand by the little rock bit
as I could stand by a rap and hip hop argument -- he's that eclectic.

According to his bio, he's 22 years old and recorded
13 albums worth of material. He's ambitious, to be sure but,
luckily, he has ample talent to back it up.

Gillard has four tracks streaming and available for download
on his myspace.com site. My favorite is Calling All Satellites --
I think it is fantastically evocative.

Not to oversell him, but he so brilliantly captures the mood and sense
of longing in this song that it almost screams relentless anguish.
It may be the battle cry of the broken hearted.

I admire any artist who can tap
into genuine emotion and channel it to the public --
it's clearly a gift Gillard has mastered.

produced by Rj @ 10:04 PM

- http://www.rjproduct.ca/2006/03/xela-alex-gillard.php

"Review! Of From The Moon!"

Fresh Folk
A gravely voice grabs you with his first words. Starting off slowly, reminiscent of Irish Folk, the song picks up momentum continually save a brief break around 1:50, which works like a restart that hikes the emotion. Backed by a single acoustic guitar is a gifted singer with a passionate communiqué.
What I really love is the quirky multi-track backing vocals. They are not harmonies in a traditional sense; more inharmonic in nature they emphasize the words beautifully.
Offering a lesson in how to effectively use rhyme, the author expertly crafts the lyrics into a powerful and lasting message. Great lyrics paint a mental picture within the listener and this cat is a Picasso.
The harmonica “solo” that comes late in the tune demonstrates why it became such a popular instrument: anyone can pick one up, blow into it, and make noise that is somewhat musical. It’s cool that the part fits perfectly in the context of this song. You wouldn’t be looking for an overblown John Popper here.
Vocals are always the focus in focus songs. This song steps past the monotonous drone that often characterizes folk music. Hats off for injecting freshness into this genre.

Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Lyrics, Melody, Mood, Originality, Coolest Chill-Out Track.

Awards! Most Original in Folk, week of 11Sep2006

Grooviest Rhythm in Folk, week of 4Sep2006 - GB Review

"What The People Got To Say About X.E-L.A!..?"

See/Read/Hear what fellow musicians and industry professionals have to say about Alex Gillard, X.E-L.A!

“Straight from the heart, Raw, Uncensored, Revolutionary, Soulful, Aggressive, Warm and Beautiful!”

“An amazingly intense, musical experience.”

“An unbelievable MUST SEE ACT!”

“No doubt this kid is gonna leave a hell of legacy behind him, no matter what happens.”

“Will never go unnoticed in this industry! Anyone that sees him gig will never forget it.”

"His acoustic set is amazing.. drop me off in space has to be the greatest song in the universe."

"u know whats crazy? no matter how often i hear your music, it still manages to blow my fucking mind. every. single. time."

"We listened to your massive cd on the drive back from CB. Its awesome! Mad awesome rhymes. Great clearity in your vocals. The rock tracks are the bomb.com too! You pretty music covered every genre known to man! To do that AND be awesome is quit a feat."

- Fellow Musicans and Industry Professionals

"X.E-L.A & The U.F.O Acid Godz"

Chasing the Rain by X.E-L.A & The U.F.O Acid Godz
Category: Music

A little more than a year ago I said X.E-L.A was so ecclectic that he was Donny and Marie rolled in one -- a little bit country and a little bit rock-n-roll. I stand by that. The twenty-something year-old musician has recorded many albums, my quick count puts it at 14 or more, and has cut a wide musical swath. From folk tinged ballads to instrumentals to hip hop he remains shockingly committed to the songs, generating some first class music.

Chasing the Rain is one of X.E-L.A's more recent song postings. It's a mellow folky sounding instrumental that's worth listening to. It's one of four MP3's available for download from his myspace page. Check it out. - Life on the literal edge (pt 2)


Still working on that hot first release.



Hello, my name is Alex Gillard. I am a music musician. Do you hear that? I am all about the music, from when I was a baby to the current present I will try to list my many musical accomplishments. In 1983, I, as a little baby child was used to stuff the drum kit of the band "Red Ryder" on the album "As far as Siam". I dampened the drum kit for nearly 3 weeks as Tom Cochrane and his drummer, Rob Baker got the sound they were looking for. There is only 1 photo of me inside the drum kit and I do not look very happy, I am crying and I am cupping my ears. You may also notice, if you see this rare photo, I, even at a very young age, possess a wicked beard. Immediately after the success of this album, I was kidnapped by "BTO" front man and generally tubby guy, Randy Bachman. Many people are ignorant to the fact Randy spent almost 2 years in prison for my abduction. However the one night in Moncton seems quite vivid, Randy Bachman was getting pretty drunk and was unimpressed that a young baby Alex was getting all the attention from his groupies, so Randy flew into a rage screaming you "your a bad little Newfoundland man pie and I'm going to punish you". "Punish me?" I said I of course thinking I was behaving pretty good and was in no need of such punishment, sitting there smoking a cigarette, drinking my chocolate milk and being awesome.So Randy, not wanting to create a scene backed off and let me finish my smoke. Just before he passed out he put a wig and fake mustache on me and punched me in the stomach, saying "fuck you Cummings'. We never spoke of this again. After it became illegal to stuff babies in drum kits in 1987 I had to find new work. Though for a small reunion gig I was put in the drum set of the Scottish 70s super group "The Bay City Rollers". They were told of my drum stuffing abilities by Burton Cummings, famous asshole and mustached Canadian. I actually witnessed 2 Scotsman beat Burton with the muffler of their tour bus after they caught him stealing toilet paper and soap_ I do not know who the bigger piece of shit is between the 2 parties, cheap, distrustful!, drunk Scotsman or cheap,drunk, asshole; loser Canadian Burton Cummings. Do not believe what you hear about Burton Cummings, It is worse. As a little child he made me watch him and Montreal Canadians centre, Guy Lefleur have sex!. I remember he would ask if I liked what I saw. He would become furious when I told him that I didn't really understand what I saw, much less enjoy it and was pretty confused as to why the hell i was even there in the first place. He wouldn't really hit me but he would say that he thought my beard looked ridiculous (he was very jealous and fearful of my bad ass baby beard). I had a much fuller, luxurious face matt than Burton and he knew it. When the chamber maid would be changing my diaper and comment on what a nice mustache and beard I had, Burton would again become enraged and leave the room. Though I was too young to be having sex, me and the chamber maid would fool around and I could eventually get her off with one of my Star Wars toys. 3CP0 or one of my Sand people were pretty popular with the ladies. I look back and question the mental stability of a woman who would have sex with a young boy... awesome!. I think the beard and mustache through them off a bit. I may have forgotten to add that my voice was exactly the same as it is right now. You would piss yourself laughing if you could see me, Alex Gillard, 2 years old with a pretty amazing beard and mustache, smoking a cigarette, sitting in a restaurant and with a grown man's voice ask a waitress if she could help me, - priceless. Anyway I have come a long way from that and now have my own musical cd disc released to the public world of people. take a listen to some of the audio eruptions and let me know what thoughts you think of.

Much Thanks ;)

X.E-L.A & The U.F.O Acid Godz