alex henning

alex henning


10 experienced techno minimal and progr house dj and producer; owner of the labels Whist Records Italy and WR Germany, collaborating with top djs like Ahmet Sendil, Joy Kitikonti, Glenn Morrison to name a few


Alex Henning started his experience on the music scene when he was 17, assisting the dj’s in the clubs in Germany, also learning the work’s tricks. He had his first parties when he was 20, after three years on dj sets, playing music with influences of deep, minimal and tech house sounds; the time spent in clubs was useful to understand the kind of sound that people wanted to hear. In 2002 he moved to Italy, taking advantage of the situation for comparing two music’s concepts: the German techno and the italian house – minimal. He started to feel the need to create his own music, based on deep sounds with a melodic background, going from progressive house to minimal concepts. Nowadays owner of the labels Whist Records and WR Germany


2007: 26 (Footloversmusic)
2008: The Origin EP (WHist Records)
2008: Chaos and symmetry EP (Whist Records)
2009: Not Rated EP (Whist Records)
2009: Meskal - Ketch (Alex Henning 5pm rmx) (Whist Records)
2009: Dany T - Astra (Alex Henning rmx) (Whist Records)
2009: Old school man (Bosphorous Underground Recordings)
2010: DJ Baldino, Nicola Sammartano - Keribe (Alex Henning rmx) (Whist Records)
2010: Domino Theory (Whist Records)

comin next:
Alex Henning and Zara - Wish I (Whist Records) - vinyl and digital

Set List

radio djset of 1 hour, live djsets on clubs according to the line up, usually of 2 hours