Alex Highton

Alex Highton

 Newmarket, England, GBR

Wannabe Harry Nilsson.


I live in small village in the Cambridgshire countryside with my wife & kids. My songs have been played on the tv & radio in the UK . I've played gigs with The Ting Tings, Simone White, Alessi & James Yuill, amongst others & Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher is a fan.

"Dealing in swooning, Beatlesesque pop, singer/songwriter Al Highton creates music that transports you to long hot summer days and hazy mornings. With toes dipped in psychedelia, folk and pure pop......A sublime and hypnotic sounding collection of songs, the FAT CHAMPS EP sets Al Highton up as a singer/songwriter destined for impressive things; this is a gorgeously realised first impression - UK MUSIC SEARCH REVIEW MAY 07


You've Got The Trees

Written By: Al Highton

You've got the trees
Right behind your eyes
Showing me your leaves
Telling me your lies
This is how i know
This is how i know about you
'Cos you're at one with nature
And honey I'm at two

You've got the wind
Blowing through you're hair
Telling me you sins
Showing me your there
This is how i know
This is how I know what you do.
'Cos you're at one with nature
And honey I'm at two

Now clearly you've got all the things that i need
And your leading me on when you're planting your seeds
But I'm so messed up
What can a middle class boy do?
When you're Mother Nature's daughter
And I'm trapped in this city like a fool

You've got the sun
Shining on your smile
Telling me you've won
and showing me in style
This is how i know
This is how i know it won't do
Cos you're at one with nature
And honey i'm at two
Honey i'm at two

Don't Panic

Written By: Alex Highton

Don't Speak
Get Away

Closing in
Who are they?

I fall apart in the middle of the day
I fall asleep in the middle of night
I'm not sure if I'm in control
But thank God it's you that is staring across at me
You help me to be
It's all that i need

Stop this
Light from
Pouring in

Under Skin

I fall apart in the middle of night...etc

A Song For Someone

Written By: Alex Highton

When a smile drops from your lips
It breaks my heart up as it slips
What has happened to my fun
Your only question now it's gone
But there is so much more to come to you

But please don't think
That you won't make it
'Cos you will
But when there's tears in your heart
They are tears that could kill

It's not the end there's more for you
Your sleepy eyes know this is true
Maybe now the time has come
To let your thoughts unravel some
And drift away to who knows where you go

And please don't think....etc

I only asked you to try

Written By: Alex Highton

What have you done
I've been slipping for hours
In this burning sun
Will you desert me
Once again
Well I thought you were my friend
When your clearly not

Lashed me to this cross
And I'm tired and bleeding
Clearly I'm lost
I said I'd wash away your sin
If you'd only let me in
What did I mean by that

Now you got the psalms
Locked in your arms
And they tell you whatever you like
You say that i live
But you just can't forgive
And it's the one thing i asked you try

What have you become
Well they kick you and beat you
In the name of his son
If I knew where this would lead
Well i wouldn't be here crying and screaming for you.

You got the psalms
Locked in your arms........


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