Alex Highton

Alex Highton

 London, England, GBR

An old-fashioned troubadour in the strictest sense. Strumming gentle folk songs on his guitar, his warm and soulful voice conjures up memories of sun-kissed summer nights out on the lawn.


Scouse Alex Highton moved to London in the early nineties to go to college and do a degree in performing arts. This is a surprise when you meet him. None so modest and self-deprecating. This is no actor. Honesty should be his middle name. Heartbreaking songs or simple life observations with lush orchestration played with such a refreshing honesty. You can’t say Al is trying to be anything. He’s just Al.

It’s since beginning simply to just write what he sees that he has produced some amazing work. Woodditton Wives Club mark one was a collection of songs recorded on one mic in his garage, after losing his job and becoming a full time stay at home dad in rural Cambridgeshire after ten years in London.

Somehow one day Ashton Kutcher tweeted about Al and the following day saw a gazillion listens to his myspace. Since hitting the ground again he’s raised the cash for a proper recording of the aforementioned Woodditton Wives Club (via Sellaband) and also a trip to the USA for his first shows in New York, Austin Texas, and Los Angeles.

In a nutshell its like this: Liverpool boy moves to Cambridge via University in London. Writes and records songs chronicling his move from the city to the country, with wife and two girls. Gets attention of Hollywood superstar Ashton Kutcher, among others. Think Harry Nillson, Paul McCartney, Big Star, Graham Nash.

Village Life/You Left Me In No Doubt will be available from May 2011 as a download only single, and he’ll celebrate with two appearances at Liverpool Sound City, as well as a show at The Three Black Birds in Woodditton, immortalised in the song Village Life.


Woodditon Wives Club - october 2011
Village Life / You Left Me In No Doubt (single) - may 2011