Alex Holtzman

Alex Holtzman


soul and blues with a voice that will bring you back to the jazz sounds of billy holiday and the strength of new age blues.


i play real music. There is an absence of realness in modern-day music that is countered every time i open my mouth and sing. From the sounds of Jeff Buckley, to Sam Cooke, to John Legend, and beyond, this soulful singer will make everything around you disappear when he sings. Heavily soul-influenced, this blues singer started singing when he was 18. It wasn't until then that he found his gift, when he entered the school choir placing first in district and state competitions. Since then, he has found himself in his music with guitar and voice that will make you think you are listening to an old soul or blues artist reminiscent of the likes of B.B. King


Fly Away, Bitter Release, Never Grew and Fuck the Police. I don't have any tracks with streaming or radio airplay. I'm working on it.

Set List

Original songs are Bitter Release, Never Grew, Fuck the Police, I Miss You, Coming Home, Fly Away, and Train to Nowhere. Covers are Sitting on the Dock of the Bay, Blackbird(acoustic), and Under the Bridge. A typical set would be about 30 to 45 minutes